Mar 4, 2013

The blog in which we have an outing at Walmart.

Dares... that is the writing assignment for the month, and since I have neglected to post since the first, I am out of the running.  I have written, but too pissy to post any of it.  So, here is the post, totally unrelated, unless....  You consider the fact that I take my children shopping and ACTUALLY enjoy it as something "daring."  I am not even kidding.  Sometimes, my migits make me laugh.  Take this past Sunday.....

So, I was alone all weekend with the migits, and posted the following on Facebook-
"Headed to Walmart with the migits. Any bets on how many Walmart cliches we will encounter on an early Sunday morning? I'm betting on at least two."

And guess what?  I found two, one of which, was my son.  Although, I wouldn't consider him the norm when it comes to the non normals there.  He might qualify for a free space on that Bingo card.  At some point, Shay asks him why he tucked in his jacket.  I turned, and all I could do was laugh.  Then, I quickly asked him to untuck it, to which he said he wanted it tucked, and honestly, who am I to be giving out fashion advice?  
This is truly how we walked around the store.  All the while, I kept criss-crossing the store, on purpose, to see if my Nike+ app was actually working.  Don't ask.  Neither the picture or my attempt, make any sense.  My boy migit makes me laugh.  My girl migit keeps me sane.  And she laughs with me.

We checked out, and as I am walking out, I pass Customer Service, and lord love a duck if I didn't run into the second freak show.  This dude had a full suit and his boxers sticking out.  Gotta' love a man in a suit.  And by the way, yes, you know I love a man in a suit.  Appeals to the "authoritative" desires in me.  Next is the men that serve us... that one is easy to understand.  (The Navy man that works out with me, okay not WITH me, but in the same room as me five days a week-- he REALLY serves me ;o)  I added an extra plate to two of my exercises today because he brought a friend!)  I accidentally put it in the computer and the next thing I know, I am She-ra!  Last, is more odd than anything... I LOVE HOWIE MANDEL!  Funny, wears a suit and Jewish.  I always thought my dad would like it if I married him.  Darn it if I didn't convert!  Back to freak show number two on my Walmart Bingo card.  Let us all remember-- it was Sunday morning.  I am sure he was headed to church- or a disco.
Yes, dude's boxers were hanging out like the brother's on the corner... fo' show..... 

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