Mar 15, 2013

The blog in which I share my brain.

Do you have a connection to someone that is so deep, that you know what each other is thinking?  Do you ever call them and they were thinking of you, or about to call you?  I have that.  My mom and I share a brain.  Often, we will be together, and she will look at me and know what I am thinking.  She will most often, disapprovingly look at me, since she knows where I am going with something in my head, and therefore, occasionally, smile knowing what is happening up there.  I don't have to say anything.  I am so grateful for the honest relationship I share with my mom.  EVERYONE loves her.  She is a great mom, friend, and ally.  She loves so unconditionally, and is slow to anger.

I was paid the highest compliment from the worst manager in my working career after I emailed her something.  I don't remember what the email was about, but she said that she literally heard my voice as she read it, since I speak as I write.  I will never forget that.  For the record, she was a sucky manager.  She once called me in the office and wrote me up on charges that I had been playing "Hide 'n Seek" with fellow employees.  That is a weird, and almost picture worthy write up.  I thought that might be unprofessional, therefore, I did not take the picture.  Obviously, playing "Hide 'n Seek" seemed appropriate enough in an urgent care setting.

Let me clarify...  I have mentioned it often enough to you guys about how I do this little thing with my family.  It's called "Booing."  I hide, and when they enter the room, I jump out and scare them by yelling, "Boo!"  (My children will be scarred for life.)  Interestingly, I have not ever been able to scare the Mr.  He is my polar opposite, and is not uptight at all.  In fact, he once was in an airplane that was in distress, and while the stewardesses were all having panic attacks and crying, he and his brother decided to sing the second act of the musical, "Jesus Christ Superstar."  Incidentally, that is the same thing he did during a long MRI that seemed to cause him anxiety a few years back.  Yes, my man is a musical theater fanatic.  There must be a 12 step program for that.  He, on the other hand, scares me without even trying!  I thought I was alone yesterday morning, and as I am walking out of the bathroom, he appears in my face at the doorway.  I jumped, screamed something inaudible, and then I even think I pulled something in my lower back.  He didn't even try!

All the patients were gone for the night, and I had just brought one of the two pieces of paperwork to the desk we had to in order to leave for the night, and I knew my friend was coming with the second page.  I waited, and when she turned the corner, I "booed" her.  No big deal.  We laughed, and then all of us clocked out.  I would hardly call that a game of "Hide 'n Seek."  And still, some unhappy hermit who was back in that area, told the manager, and I was written up, along with my friend that I actually "booed."  Yeah, that's what I called called in for.  Another time, the manager called me in and said, "You know why I called you in, don't you?  That is not okay, and I never want it to happen again."  I just shook my head "yes" since truth is, she was being so weird about it, and I had no idea what she was talking about, but didn't want to deal with it, so just agreed.  I didn't get written up.  That was the end of it.  I honestly don't think I did anything wrong.  I think she was mental.  Correction, I know she was.  And so, the only appreciation I have for her is the one comment she said regarding a simple email.

Back to the brain sharing....  I had posted something on my Facebook page this morning the same moment I got a text about the same thing.  While the person who texted only knows me through my writing, I thought, "Oh no!  If I can give shares of my brain out that easily, what must you guys think of me????!!!????"  With the birth of,  you have surely been allowed a more accurate glance into my thoughts,  and I hope, you don't judge me based on it.  In "real" life, I don't curse (often) unless I get hurt- and let me tell you- that would  make "Dice" blush.  It's more a verbal diarrhea, but after it "shoots" out of my mouth, it's done.  Besides the curse words there, the subject matter is completely what is happening in my head.  I'm not that complex.  #sadrealization

I have two braincells left, and they are fighting.  So if you want a "share" of my brain, good luck!  You'd do better if you jumped on board with a boxer or a serious brain injury patient.

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