Mar 15, 2013

The blog in which we get our Friday Family Fun Night inspiration.

Today is Friday, and I slept until almost noon today, therefore, I will be up late tonight.  Seeing as I will have lots of energy, we need to do up Friday Family Fun Night big with my excitement.  Plus, we need to spend some quality time together, and competition feeds my needs and alone time with a parent/child helps us connect after a busy week.  Each child senses the tension in the house, and they need to know that we love them and each other, but we are going through a tough time.  So, here's the solution- Team Scavenger Hunt!  I have tailored the page to ours for tonight, but their are lots of ways to do this with your own family.  I want to do this with cameras this time.  Last time we did a family scavenger hunt in the house, we did it in teams, and made it WAY complex.  Each team of two had to hold hands the entire time.  Each time an object was found, it had to be taken and placed on the king bed before the next item could be retrieved.  That was a highly aerobic activity.  Each list had 16 items!  Also, points were then awarded again for the first team to replace each item, in the same manner it was retrieved.  Whew!  We were exhausted due to the fact that we have steep stairs in a two story house and often had to go up and down multiple times per round.  So, here is an idea, and I hope that it motivates you to get active, and to spend some quality time with your family.  We also bought a Rainbow Loom, and plan on working on that for our Super Saturday.  Sunday Fun Day will be mellow this weekend.  I will work on that day's activities later.  For now, I need to get dressed.  Migits almost home!  Sleeping the morning away really changes the day.

Scavenger Hunt

The object of this game is to be the team to obtain all, or the most, of the items on the list. The game may be played until either 1. all the items have been found/documented, or, 2. the designated time has been reached.

Game play-
Teams may be formed or the entire group may go as a whole. If the latter, then, the teams must be divided, or individual challenges are to being done in alternating style, each one on the list. If item not documented, photographed, or taken into posession, than, it is the next team/players turn. Game play may be walking or driving.

Items to be in play may be the list in the entirety, or, decided upon prior to the start of game play. If not doing list in entirety, underline or highlight the items to be played. (This does sound so professional, doesn't it?)
Items List
button                                 soda machine
pen                                  pharmacy
pencil                                                   silly bumper sticker
eraser                                                  a mullet
pinecone                                red hair
5 strands of pinestraw                                   someone in pajamas
dog toy                                                         someone from school
cat toy                                       a teacher
dog food                               pickles
cat food                                           something Christmas themed
bird toy                              a bracelet made from a Rainbow Loom (to keep the adults in the loop)
a ream of yellow copy paper                     high heels
picture with a manager of a restaurant                         a dept. manager
raw steak                                                                    a porch
the letters S,C,G, and E in a sign (May be found amongst multiple signs.) These are our first initials ;o)
Phillips head screw driver (this is important to teach the difference to young children- trust me. We aren't handy, so any way to teach early is imperative to self help skills later in life.)
picture of people holding hands (this is a stealth picture opportunity, not contrived)
picture of two people hugging (would be preferable if they know each other)
a picture of two Redbox locations that are at least not at the same store
brown sugar
tea bag a neighbor holding a carrot or wearing a hat
glue bottle                                                   a birthday cake
glitter box of raisins
computer                                                 feta cheese (b/c I recently had it for the first time and loved it.)
water bottle cricket/lady bug/firefly (live, dead, cartoon, coloring book, whatever)
remote control                                                 police/fire/EMT vehicle
any coin                                                   Photo of child wearing a policemans hat (five bonus pts)
magnet                                                        photo of handcuffs ('cause I think it's funny- adult humor)
free cookie from Publix                                      cheesecake ('cause it's one of Daddy's fav's.)

Final requests for us tonight- We WALK/run/jog the route! May go NO further than Kroger. Adults to carry camera. Child to take the pictures. Each child is to have a walkie-talkie on them, and each adult is to have a cell phone. Adult child teams will be picked by envelope AFTER dinner is completed. Each child will pick from one of two envelopes that will have a parent name inside. A time limit and specific items will be decided upon by the adults, and upon returning home, if the movie, “Rise of the Guardians” is obtained at one of the two Redbox locations, the movie will be viewed in the king bed. If not, a firepit fire and trampoline with marshmallow roasting will commence. Friday Family Fun Night!  

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