Mar 27, 2013

The blog in which I get this pull to go to a store.

I was hoping to have a cleaning job pop up, but alas, after my play date cancelled on me, and no job happened, I had to go shopping to get me out of the house and away from the refrigerator.  I did have some cleaning supplies to hunt for, so I left.  I hit Target and then Walmart, and fought with myself over if I should try Kroger or the Family Dollar for an inexpensive spray bottle, since Walmart and Target were both over priced.  My stomach was growling, and I thought it would win the battle to just go home for lunch, but as I was passing the Family Dollar, I got this strong impulse to pull in, and I think I did some illegal swerve/u-turn thing to get into the parking lot as I was nearly passed the entrance.

I saw Maria, the most amazing and loving store manager that is more like family than a local store employee.  Occasionally, my migits ask to stop in just to say "hi," even when we are not in need of anything.  It's been a while since we have seen each other, so I was in the middle of catching her up on life, and started talking about my newest venture, seeing as I could not find a spray bottle and I was asking her to help me.  When I was in the cleaning aisle, I kept tango'ing with another lady. We literally were just staring at the products at that aisle, and neither of us seemed to know what we were doing.  As I am chatting with Maria about my cleaning, this woman joins us, and says that she couldn't help but to overhear the conversation, and was thinking of starting her own cleaning business, and that was why she was here.  She said she never came into this store, and was just getting an idea for stuff.  Honestly, the next twenty minutes were such a G-d thing for both of us.  I wished her well on her endeavor after getting her email address and silently praying that G-d blesses me so abundantly with work that I might be able to pass some opportunities her direction.

I did make a homemade air freshener today.  I would hardly call in Febreeze, although, the idea online says it's a home made Febreeze.  I think Febreeze may contain chemicals that neutralize stank.  Those chemicals have been studied and found to cause neurological side effects.  What I made will add a scent to a home, but merely alongside whatever stank may already be there.  Not sure though.  I used Downy Crystals, boiled water to melt the crystals, and baking soda.  Geoff, Charlie and I like it.  Shay says she does not.  After we tribal counseled it, we voted her of the island.

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