Mar 23, 2013

The blog in which she can follow her dreams. Honestly.

She says, "Mom?  I am going to be on t.v. one day."

Ok.  I'll bite.  "What will you be on doing on t.v.?"

She then tells me all about how she will be an Olympic skater, but we won't have to worry, since Charlie will be in the Summer Olympics for gymnastics, so we can watch both of them at different times.  How very convenient.  Seeing as she can just barely stand up on her roller blades, and has never  even been on ice skates, let alone seen the inside of a ice skating rink!

Then, it came.  The question.  I knew it was coming, and the entire time she was talking, I was wondering if I was to be honest or if I should be that supportive mom?  I had to take a stand.  I was honestly supportive.  I said, "You can be or do whatever you set your heart on.  Daddy and I will support your decisions, so long as we believe that you are making a good decision and that you are doing something you enjoy.  However, you have never been on skates, and most people who compete at the Olympic level are doing their sport of choice from the time they are younger than you and your brother are.  Also, people who are Olympic-bound, usually have to sacrifice their entire lives and lose their childhood.  So, while you may attempt to reach for t.v., I think you will do it easier by acting."

Pregnant pause after I dealt that blow to a six year old.  And then...

"That's fine.  I can act.  I will be an acting skater.  I bet their aren't many of those."  

I didn't see it coming.  I suppose she will be high in demand.  Instead of being a "triple threat," she will be a "dynamic duo."

I don't think we should over "pat" our children on the head, but I think that we should show them that we believe in them.  If we believe in them, they might believe in themselves one day- when we are not there to "pat"them.

I believe that Shay will be an accomplished writer and she will most likely be involved in the theater department in school before she pens her incredibly successful novel about an aspiring ice skater who was raised with the craziest loving family you could imagine.  That is how I see it, but she will have to "write" her own future.

(Shay- One day, you will know how much I believe in you.  I believe that you will most likely change your career choice, change your interests, and hopefully, change your underwear.  The one thing that won't change?  You passion.  You will be incredibly successful because you are honest, kind, loving, considerate, smart, beautiful, and deeply connected to our Heavenly Father.  You, little one, will be a success, so long as you stay true to who you are.  I love you- more than I ever thought I could.  You are a six year old now, but one day, you will be an adult, and if I don't do too much to get in your way, you will flourish into all that G-d has planned for you.

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