Mar 6, 2013

The blog in which my fur becomes erect.

The title is not really what the blog is about, but it seemed fitting.  I play around with my titles in order to see what draws my readers in most.  Apparently, anything with a potential pornographic/sexual tone  or anything laughing at my inappropriate body hair really brings the masses.  Based on that knowledge, the title should really cause a total shut down of my servers. (PS I don't really have any "servers.")

As I was leaving the YMCA, I see a SUV pull into the gas station across the street, and a police car comes out of nowhere and puts the lights on as it whizzes up behind the vehicle.  Then, the policeman jumps out of the car, and the driver of the vehicle quickly opens the door to get out.  You know how you get a bad feeling about something, and the hair on the back of your neck literally raises?  Well, for me, I turn into Teen Wolf, and I feel like a threatened porcupine.  So, I am sitting at the red light, and while watching this unfold, I see the police grab at his radio on his chest/shoulder area, and obviously makes a call for back up.  The police walks over to the car door, now slightly open, and his body seems to relax, ever so slightly.  My light turned green, and I was heading up the hill, and two police cars whiz past me, in the direction of the stop.

I have many friends who serve our community, or have served, and it wasn't until that moment, that I feared for their personal safety.  I flashed to his possible family.  Children, spouses, parents, siblings.  I could not stop thinking of how scary it must be for these families.  I prayed for his safety.  It was all I could do.

However, I have a friend who is making a difference, and actively involved in setting up a business that will serve our public service employees that watch over and protect us while they risk their own lives for us.  I am sooooo excited about this opportunity.  I can't wait to bring you more on that later!  In the mean time, say a prayer for those that serve us, their families, and remember that their sacrifice is for our families' safety.

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