Mar 11, 2013

The blog in which I might need to sign autographs soon.

Each Monday, I spend the day at the school.  I spend a couple of hours in the library shelving books, as well as checking in and out books.  I leave there to eat lunch with both of my migits, and then to computer lab to help my daughters' class.  I am around school enough, that many of the nearly 1,000 of them, recognize me.  It is really sweet to have random children wave, run over to hug, or high five me.  But today, I became a rock star.  

I was in the media center shelving books, and two boys were pointing at me.  Then, a girl came over and said, "You look familiar.  Are you Jordan's mom? "  I told her I was not, but that I have had the library shift for two years running, and that maybe she knew me from the library.  She said no.  I then said, "Well, I also sell the ducks on Friday's."  Her face lit up, and she asked for a song!  And the two boys that had been pointing?  One said to the other, "SEE?  I told you that was her!"  For those who missed it, my "Duck for a Buck" PTA boss came up with a new sales idea.  We sing to our customers if they buy ducks.  We use the child's name in the song,  or the song to help name the newly purchased piece of plastic. I mean, duck.  

Another child saw me in the hall and asked, "What are the new ducks we are getting this week?"  I told him it was top secret.  (Truth is, not even sure if they will be in since order turn around time is not an exact science for us.)  And that is why I have named myself... "Duck Master."  

I denied the song request.  I have some scruples.  I need to be paid for my services.  I think it's in my contract.  

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