Mar 15, 2013

The blog in which we do family competition for this Friday Family Fun Night.

BEST.NIGHT.EVER!  Well, not the best ever, but one of the most enjoyable Friday Family Fun Night's in recent history.  We have had a number of Friday Family Fun Nights with other families, but this one really added this extra element of fun because we got to get out of the house and get moving.  I devised this scavenger hunt around 1:PM, and before the migits got off the bus, the directions and the list was written and printed.  I posted on Facebook, and a friend jumped on board, and then who knows what bribe she might have had to use, but got her hubby to agree to doing one of our cheesy nights with us.  (My husband only gets one bribe per calendar year, and he gets a "happy ending" if he manages to shove the fake Christmas tree back into the box, year after year.  And let me tell you- that tree makes it back in, without fail, in record time.)

Geoff got home, and within minutes, the friends arrived.  They have a daughter that is two years older than Chaz, and she is a sweetheart.  We decided that instead of boys/girls, we would venture off as a a family unit, and we would use cars, since we only had a little more than an hour and then we had to meet for dinner and to go over the list.  Whoever had the most- wins!  We did a photo journal of all the finds, and it was so cool to see how creative we both got on some of them.  They won, by one item!  I loved it!  They worked hard since I know how much we busted it to get the 44 items we got.  Here is a sampling of our items.
Did you know that they made hammers this small?  That was the entire size of it.    It's like a hammer for a migit.  For real.  

Lucky... we had the coin.  

We were desperate for a bird toy.  Did you know that this existed?  

Raw meat.  Which prompted a really interesting discussion on where meat comes from.  Shay was wrong, and saddened to learn that bacon and ham do not come from a fox.  And now, she will never see a pig the same way.  

Free cookies from Publix bakery!


Light and dark brown sugar.  One wants variety, right?   
We remembered the one caveat on this one after we got to the restaurant to tally-- this couldn't be a contrived hand holding shot.  The hug could be, and we found a mom and son duo that did that for us.  Our friends that we competed against actually got a couple holding hands, and as the snapped the shot, they let go of their hands within seconds.  

I insisted on the old school, Flinstones, for the multivitamin shot.  They were not impressed.    They have no idea what a hot commodity the Dino vitamin was, back in the day.  

AS we were pulling out of Kroger, I said, aloud, "I wish we could get a cop car."  Viola, look what was coming straight at me!  It was the best moment ever!  I wish I had turned around and gotten him to let me take a picture of his handcuffs and tried to talk him into letting a child photograph in his hat.  

Christmas themed item found in one of the two Redbox locations we had to photograph.  

That was for the magnet.  And our friends did had the same concept for their magnet find.  

Got to the restaurant at 8:PM, and we were exhausted.  It was such a fun event, and dinner and friends made it even better.  
The best part of all this?  How the kids learned that Daddy loves cheesecake, how we all worked together to get something done, and how much fun we still have, as a family.  Also, we learned that even though the Frito Lay person was handing out free bags of chips, chicken and waffle flavor chips are NASTY!

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