Mar 16, 2013

The blog in which it's St. Patrick's Day!

My children NEVER get sugar cereal at home.  This is the first time I am allowing a marshmallow to be called a breakfast item.  It might be the last.  

Either a unicorn had to poo, or this is what happens when Leprechauns have extra food color in hand. 

Looks like my oatmeal will have a green tint.  Lovely.  I know my husband has been green lately.  He just might get "lucky" himself, since it was after eleven and I decided I had to run to Kroger for the cereal as a surprise, and he refused to let me go out.  That was hot.  
We go to the Saturday Vigil Mass each week.  Here's how we went today.  He loves his ties.  I love that.  That is a hand me down from my Uncle Bill's niece.  It is a Jessica McClintock dress!  I had one of those for my eighth grade formal.  She looked amazing tonight.

We have never had a leprechaun come to visit us, but this year, a leprechaun found our house.  His name is "Lucky."  He brought some cereal, and made our toilet water and milk a green color.  Take a look.....  And... HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY!  (Any excuse for a party is my motto.. and excuse to party that includes the Catholic Faith- EVEN better!)  Don't forget to share the story of the real St. Patrick and the reason we celebrate.  Our children love to hear about real life hero's.  

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