Mar 18, 2013

The blog in which share/advertise our next Friday Family Fun Night.

Look what I found for our next Friday Family Fun Night!  I was actually waiting for our seats and friends  to arrive for dinner at the pizza place last Friday night when I came across this in the window.  How lucky was that?  So, this Friday, we are headed back to our roots- musical theater.  The local theater student productions are really impressive.  We not only support them by going, but I pick up local high school productions here and there and highlight/advertise them at no charge for our local online paper.  So, here's hoping that you guys take advantage of this opportunity if you are a local of Cherokee, Cobb or Fulton counties.  $5 adults and $3 student ticket pricing is actually very reasonable.  I hope that our children can appreciate it.  I have never seen or researched it, however, we are a tad more liberal on the arts than we would be on normal daily allowances.  So, here's hoping!  At $16 for a family of four to get out on a Friday night- it's a steal!  Hint- there's a Bruster's Ice Cream nearby the school, so you might want to stop off afterwards.  Take your kids on a special date.  I promise you won't regret it!  

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