Mar 9, 2013

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Lou B. and me....  we be buds now.  I am sooo out of my league, and you really learn who your friends are when you go looking for help.  (Clearly, I am friendless.)  I have made an executive decision to not work with Geoff on this process, because I don't want to go to jail for something because I am about to lose my ever loving mind with him.  And so, it's me and Lou B.  I think I will send him a birthday card.  *As for the "rock, paper, scissors" joke--- Ask Brett.  We would "rock, paper, scissors" some patients at the urgent care-- four years of that nonsense with him, and I never learned- Brett could freakin' read my mind and won- every.freakin.time.   Melanie was way smarter than to get caught up in that mess.  She would grab the next chart and wait for Brett and I to duke it out.  I miss those crazies.  Lou B. is probably practicing his gaming on that as I type.  Smart man.  

Chat ID: 438537. Question: Provider: Just Host - My Domain is: "Not specified." I was wondering, is it free to get an existing to transfer into a new domain purchase with you guys?
(8:43:09pm)Lou B.:Thank you for contacting Justhost sales. I'm sorry, I am not understanding what you are asking. Are you wanting to point part of your blogspot site to us or have us host the entire site? 
(8:43:43pm)Erin:and I have no idea really what I am doing, so I am not sure how to ask this question I guess 
(8:44:02pm)Lou B.:Which one? Do you want to point part of your site or do you want to host the entire site with us? 
(8:44:19pm)Erin:I want a dot com and I want to use the blogspot as my place to continue blogging from 
(8:44:36pm)Erin:so i guess I don't need a host if I want to continue using the blogspot, right? 
(8:44:39pm)Lou B.:You can host your site with us and point a C Name to blogspot. 
(8:44:57pm)Erin:I what is that cost and what is a c name? 
(8:45:22pm)Lou B.:Our hosting prices are as follows :

12 months - $4.95 per month $59.40 total
24 months - $3.95 per month $94.80 total
36 months - $3.25 per month $117.00 total
48 months - $3.25 per month $156.00 total 
(8:45:27pm)Lou B.:A C Name is a DNS record. 
(8:45:34pm)Erin:what is that? 
(8:45:36pm)Lou B.:Usually used to point to a subdomain on another server. 
(8:45:51pm)Erin:oh my gosh. I think my brain just exploded 
(8:46:07pm)Erin:okay.. can you tell me what I need based on my thoughts here? 
(8:46:14pm)Lou B.:That will explain it a little better. 
(8:46:38pm)Erin:I want to continue to blog, add some pictures, and possibly video, and add advertisers. What do I need? what will it cost? 
(8:47:46pm)Lou B.:Hosting prices :

12 months - $4.95 per month $59.40 total
24 months - $3.95 per month $94.80 total
36 months - $3.25 per month $117.00 total
48 months - $3.25 per month $156.00 total 
(8:47:59pm)Lou B.:You can stream video and audio from our servers. 
(8:48:33pm)Erin:that will give me a dot com, and I will just link my existing blogspot at no charge, right? easy to do? 
(8:48:46pm)Erin:do you give directions for that after I set up and pay? 
(8:49:00pm)Lou B.:That is correct. Our tech support is available 24/7 via phone, chat, and email. 
(8:49:06pm)Lou B.:They will walk you through the process. 
(8:49:41pm)Erin:fantastical! Thank you for your help! You guys will get to know me on a first name basis and then rock, paper, scissors to not have to deal with me. 
(8:49:51pm)Lou B.:hahaha. 
(8:49:55pm)Lou B.:For tracking purposes, may I please get the domain name you would be signing up with? If you sign up, that is. 
(8:49:59pm)Erin:Thanks for your time Lou! 
(8:50:15pm)Lou B.:You're very welcome. Have a great rest of your weekend, Erin. 
(8:50:16pm)Erin:I need to go research a bit more. But thank you for your time! 
(8:50:24pm)Erin:You too! 

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