Feb 26, 2013

The blog in which good things are happening today.

Wow.  Today was one of those blissful and out of no where amazing days.  I slept through the night.  That hasn't happened in a long time.  After I set up shop in Shay's bed, and sent her to the top bunk in Chaz's room, and Geoff stayed in our bed, and well..... Brody was confused.  That dog likes for us to all be one place, and when we are not, he is pacing amongst the many areas to make sure we are all good.  If he payed enough attention, he would have known I was blissfully unaware of the world, and got a full NINE hours of uninterrupted sleep.  The feeling is akin to a good drug at this point.  I did the migits hair, and then went back to sleep until about 9:30 AM, and then lounged in bed while I watched the completed the Netflix episodes of "How I Met Your Mother."  Today I promised myself to not worry about anything.  To try to relax, and in doing so, my hope was to get rid of a headache I have carried around for the last few days.

I stressed when the only real junk food in the house was vanilla wafers and a canister of no name hot chocolate, but I decided that would round my salad lunch perfectly.  Until... I tried the no name hot chocolate and it tasted like bat urine.  (Don't ask.  It's just what I "assume" if would taste like.)  All I know is that it didn't even smell like hot chocolate.  That forced me to rummage around, and then I found some old hot fudge ice cream topping in a small glass jar in the outside fridge.  I grabbed a spoon and dug in.  I was desperate.  That really didn't satisfy me, and the craving for a Burger King milkshake is stronger than a bear in heat right now.  (I only get those like twice a year.  Milkshakes, not a bear in heat.  Eww.)  I am truly not a fast food person.  I think I eat fast food about six times a year.  Not only is it bad for us, but the cost drives me nuts.  

I was blogging this morning my appreciating of my girlfriends, seeing as I thought my negative thoughts were dooming each the last few days.  Then, I got a text and phone call from one of my fav. gal pals, and that make my afternoon.  The children get off the bus, and I am dutifully combing through the folders and signing agendas, and I get an envelope marked "To the parents of Shayna Ahrens." It was an invite to test for the gifted program!  WOW!  Even if she doesn't get in, that was excitement enough for me and my bladder!  I am not telling her about it, (The testing for that program- not the fact that I pee so easily with excitement nowadays) so please don't tell her that you know ;o)

Then, I get this sudden urge to go work out after Geoff gets home, and as I am heading up, I call a friend and ask if she is still there and if it's busy.  She said it was, but that within the half hour, she intended on going to an Express Pilates class for beginners.  So, I got in a little cardio on a machine, got to see some hotties, headed downstairs and actually enjoyed pushing my friend off a balance ball.  (Actually, she stayed on, and it was more than unfair seeing as she has a head cold and the congestion was screwing with her balance before she even got on that torture device ;o)  Anyway, I learned that exercise in the dark is lovely, and taking my shoes off made it even more cozy and confusing as I am finding that my naval and my spine are not fused, as the instructor was suggesting I pretend.

I was on a high from completing yet another new class for myself, and on my drive home I suddenly remember that a friend had asked me to call her today, and I forgot until my drive home.  I call, and turns out, she is willing to pay to have me help her do a deep clean on her house, and honestly, I am so excited! It is a just a couple hours this week while the kids are in school, and I will feel productive to be out of bed again, and cleaning always makes me feel good.

And, if all that wasn't happy enough, a FB friend of mine, one of Charlie's ABA therapists from years ago, mentioned a job opening at his wife's employment, in our same county!  WOW!  Geoff has never worked less than an hour away from home.  Talk about pee yourself excitement!  I think I should go to bed while I have all this happiness around me.  Afraid my bladder can't take much more good news!  Good night friends!

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