Feb 14, 2013

The blog in which I want to share my belief.

This is not the post I advertised earlier today.  This is a random act of Christianity for myself.  It's called "patience" and "gratitude"  I am being patient.  Ever since we got the call that the investor wanted to purchase the house a few weeks ago, and the subsequent let down of that not really working out for us, I knew it was again not in His timing.  (No, we weren't even selling, but the investor saw that we had tried to sell at in the past, contacted our past agent, and the ball went from there.)  Our price then was consistent with pricing of that time, and now, over a year later, our needs have changed based on the market.  However, the dream homes that keep getting forwarded to us at the $150-160K prices are KILLING US!  While I believe a basement is priceless, this is really causing me to stop and remember-

I have my health.  I have a gorgeous family.  I have love of a man.  I have my faith that I am exactly where I am supposed to be.  And this is why I post.  Take time, whether you are a believer or not, and think about what you have, not what you don't have.  Appreciate it, or you will never be happy if you are always wanting what you don't have.  And that is my cross to bear today.  I will take that over pain, loss, destruction of heart, and people are living now with one foot in the grave.  I will live my life with my whole body a football field away from my funeral.  There is a longing in my heart.....

Advertised post from earlier still to come.  I swear I am having a blast on that one and I know you will too!  Sorry this was a serious one.  During this time of year, I think it is important to take pause and do some deeper thinking.  But man, the other post is calling out to me!

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