Feb 13, 2013

The blog in which it's a Lenten love letter to my children.

Gluttony.  That will be my Lenten gift to give up this year.  I hope to make it a life long honest attempt, but I know that from chocolate to being lazy, I have my work cut out for myself.  I really am going to start simple.  Today is a day of fasting and abstinence.  So, today was easy.  Tomorrow, I will figure a safe and healthy moderate number of calories that I can consume, and will stick with that, hopefully, without fail, especially during the days of Lent.  However, there are many ways we can be glutinous.  Staying up too late for days on end and not allowing your body the proper sleep in order to stay healthy.  Doing things that pull us farther from our heavenly Father and only serve ourselves- that is gluttony. While G-d wants us to enjoy this journey, we must remember to always do things that are pleasing and serving Him, not us.

Charlie and Shayna- While I manage most aspects of your lives, I know how healthy your diets are.  I know how active you are.  I know that you don't watch TV or play more than about an hour of video games a week.  Taking that stuff out of your Lenten season might not be as effective for you to focus on our Lord and his Passion.  I struggle to help you think of things to omit this year, therefore, I will pray that you each might spend more time getting to know our Lord, through prayer.  I pray that we find joy in saying a rosary.  Or joy in sitting in adoration.  Or joy to see an answered prayer.  We must open our hearts.

This morning, I was struck and meditated on a line in a song.  "...afflictions eclipsed by glory."  Please remember- for every struggle in your journey, there is a glorious gift of eternal life that awaits all that truly believe.   I love you both, and pray that I allow myself to be an example of Christ's love, through my actions, for both of you.

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