Feb 21, 2013

The blog in which my little girl is growing up WAY too fast.

Actual conversation with my daughter today.  She is six years old.  She is in kindergarten.  This is relevant to the subject matter.  However, I forgot that, and actually carried on this conversation with her, as if we were all a lot older.

Shay- Mom?  When can I date and have a car?

Me- When you are 18.

Shay- I thought you said when I was 40???  

Me- I think we will let you out before then for good behavior.  And, you will need to share the car with your brother.

Shay-  What if we want to go to different places?  Can we maybe borrow yours or Daddy's car?  

Me- No.

Shay- Why?

Me- You know what?  If you want your own car, you can save up for one and buy it yourself.  I had to.  

Shay- Okay, I will.  Charlie?  You need to start folding clothes too if you want to save up some money like me.  (*Chick gets less than a quarter and folds every one's clothes and delivers it to our rooms if she wants to earn money.)  So mom- how many dollars will you give me to dust? 

Me- No dollars.  A few pennies.  

Shay- That's not good.  So, what about Charlie wanting to go to a different place? 

Me-  Well, first of all, you will drive your brother to school with you.  

Shay- Okay.  I'll even let him bring a friend. 

 (*Charlie interjects with "Yeah, I want to bring Abigail!)

In my head, I am freaking out, because part of me is grateful it's a girl, but the other part of me is disturbed knowing that Shay is not her biggest fan, and one day, she is going to be totally off her rocker when he has a girlfriend that she doesn't like.  From my lips to G-d's ears, 'cause if he does not have a girlfriend, the alternative is sorta' freaking me out right now.  

It was somewhere at this point that I was brought back to reality, and remembered, "Oh yeah!  She's only six!  We have a decade to worry about this."  And then, we got home.  She asked if she could play dress up with her new hand me down dress up clothes that were still in the bag from my friend.  "Sure, have at it, sweet girl!"

And here's what she came down in.  And asked for me to take pictures of her.  And here is what she did when I got my phone's camera ready to shoot.  And now I know why I will need help, and why these conversations are not happening too soon.  I am at a loss for words.  But this much I do know- I.AM.SO.SCREWED.

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