Feb 25, 2013

The blog in which I am going to hell for a sick sense of humor.

I am sitting in the waiting room at our speech therapy office, and while there, I get an email asking for  a donation for a gift basket that will be won at our next PTA fundraiser, "Bingo Night." I am the first person to try to help, and donate whatever items are needed, however, I just don't have it this time.  I was successful in sending in the donation for my daughter's class, as I already had that item requested in our box of potential gifts for the spur of the moment gift invite.  So, I had horrific guilt for not being able to help out, and texted the room mom, in essence, asking for a pardon.  She texted back complete understanding, as well as this.....


Yes, three parenthesis in one direction, and three in the other, and honestly, I got a little nervous that perhaps that was not meant for me.  First of all, I am married.  The fact that I am not speaking to him right now is irrelevant.  Second of all, it's just not appropriate.  Third, and most importantly, she is the room mom and -------EWWWWWW!

Then, I realized... it's not a vagina.  It's a hug.  Oh, in that case... awkward.  But you see what I saw, right?  No?  Well in that case..... hugs (or vaginas) for everyone!  ((()))  ((()))

Where am I, and why am I in this hand basket?

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