Feb 5, 2013

The blog in which I lost that lovin' feelin'.

Shay came in crying in the middle of the night after waking and thinking about a ghost story a bus mate told her yesterday.  So, that woke Geoff and I and then Geoff's snoring had Shay and I up.  I left the king bed to head to a queen bed by myself, and even with a door closed, I was unable to fall asleep for hours.  Ironic, seeing as Geoff says he never got back to sleep.  Shay heard that and told me that his snoring kept her up.  HMMMM.  So, meanwhile, in crazy town....

I had a rough day.  One of my girlfriends loves to hear when my day is slightly screwy.  Her words, "It makes you more real."  Lisa- I am so freakin' real right now, you would love me!  I really hate when I miss a trip to the YMCA during the week.  It helps my anxiety disorder so much, and mentally, I feel clearer.  It has absolutely ZERO affect on my weight.  That is strictly maintained by not eating much.  I have had to change that recently.  I gained a few pounds back.  However, a friend of mine suggested that I build some muscle mass, and that my weight loss would change.  We shall see.  I think there is a class tomorrow.  I might find myself there.  

The worst part was an email I received today.  It was a realtor that has listed our home in the past, when the market was really hot, and we thought we might make it into our dream home- a ranch on a basement.  (When the news story came up about the Alabama bunker, I wondered how long it might take for us to make one.  True Story.)  So, when we were unable to sell without having to pay to move, we let our listing lapse, and decided that it wasn't meant to be.    Now, a year later, I get an email from that realtor that said she was contacted by an investment buyer interested in paying us our asking price from back then.  While that would be great, it is no longer such a buyers' market, and we could not afford a basement home now.  While my mom made some really great points to make my brain not so mad, I am frustrated.  "WHY YOU EMAIL AND GET MY PANTIES IN A WAD,  REALTOR LADY???????????" (Shaking an angry bunched up pair of panties in the air at her as we speak.)  

Besides the fact that we live on the most psychotic and dangerous street in all of Canton, I WANT A BASEMENT!  (Not a bigger home, as I am not much for cleaning, and have very little furniture.)   Okay, panties will relax in a few days of me accepting G-d's will for us.  I truly appreciate what I have.  
I have my health.  The love of a husband who treats me like gold, and two children that I wanted before they were even conceived.  I guess I need to stop wanting, and start appreciating more.  

While I am at it, is it too much to ask for prayers for my friend and cousin?  Friend's hubby lost his job, and they are in need of a job and for their hearts to not be so angry.  As for my cousin... he is fighting Cancer.  I fear, the Cancer is winning.  For us believers... we know He has perfect timing, and that through Christ, all things are possible.  Please band with me to pray that my cousin's heart is transformed.  Thank you.  
Leaving gymnastics today, Chaz grabbed his water bottle and his shoes.  It wasn't until after he drank out of it, and we were home, that I realized that he is not "LIZZY." 

Charlie's  eye appointment went well.  But every time the doc told Chaz to look at his ear,  all I could think was, "Van Gogh would have made a terrible eye doctor."  

I pre made a bunch of meals.  I have needed to stock the freezer.   Took three hours.  And a missed workout today ;o(  Tomorrow is another day.  Hopefully, a day where I get to sleep the night before.  

PS  I didn't get to blog yesterday.  Therefore, I am no longer in the running for the month long theme bit. So, I don't have to blog on love anymore.  Phew.   Talk about a stretch ;o)  

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