Feb 3, 2013

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Last night was a rare date night for Geoff and I.  The YMCA allows it's members to sign up up for a free parent's night out each month where the kids go for the evening and the parents are free to leave. (While they offer child care six days a week, parents are to remain on the premises.)  This is an awesome luxury for our family, seeing as we have only paid for a babysitter for a date once in the past  seven years.

So, we were driving the kids to the YMCA, and on the corner near the "Y," we see a police car with lights on behind a stopped car in the middle of the road.  We then see a lady standing with an umbrella, and a police man standing near her, but without a hat or an umbrella.  It is not only rainy, but cold.  So cold, that there were reports of freezing rain and snowflakes in the air from throughout the area.  I notice the policeman first, and mention to Geoff how we should stop at the drug store next to us and get him an umbrella.  He says we have an extra one in the car and that we will stop and give it to him as we pass them after we drop the kids off.  When we go to leave, we see that both the lady and her car, as well as the police, are all gone.  I was relieved for both of them.

And here is the rest of the story. (Taken from the Canton P.D. Facebook page.)  

Canton Citizen’s Random Act of Kindness!

Canton PD responded to a disabled vehicle on Riverstone Pkwy yesterday. The driver reported that she had run out of gas and had forgotten her wallet. She was staying at a local hotel because her house had caught on fire earlier today. A citizen drove by, brought her some gas and paid $15.00 in the gas pump across the street for her to fill her vehicle. The unknown citizen left the scene, possibly without knowing what a difficult day this person had just been through. What a big difference such a small act of kindness can make!

*And the rest of the story included a snippit that the house fire was the house fire they had posted from earlier that same day.  

And here is what I want each of us to take away from that-  No matter what is going on, if you live in Cherokee County, when you drive through it, when you move from it, when you think about it, when you consider the options.... Cherokee County people take care of each other, those that visit, and those that leave it.  There are plenty of good people to out weigh the not so good ones.  No place is perfect.  But whatever perfect is, I think we are pretty darn close.  Kuddos to that citizen.  Kuddos to the police officer who stood near that lady in need.  (From the mom in me- Put your hat on!)  When I think of Cherokee County people, I think of my neighbor who jumped to help me this week and pick up my son from school this week.  It wasn't just her offer that made that happen.  It was the other neighbor who watched her children so that she could pick up my son with a car seat so that everyone was safe.  Those acts of kindness gave me a sense of closeness and security.  I was secure in knowing that the people I share community with are people who care for our family as they care for their very own.  

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