Feb 2, 2013

The blog in which I love the simple.

Date night compliments of the YMCA tonight.  It is the third date night we have accepted on behalf of the YMCA staff in so many months.  Last week was so amazing, and I thought there was no way we could top it.  Alas, Geoff whipped up the simplest, yet, romantically (yes, a new word- you're welcome) evening.  After dropping the migits off, we stopped off at Zaxby's to grab a salad to share at home, and enjoyed the fresh beer bread, and chit chatted before playing three games of Mexican Train, and I WON!  Then, he set the iPod to the ten year anniversary show of Les Mis.  Check mate!  We sat beside the fire in the round chair, and enjoyed the show.

Never underestimate the power of staying in pajamas all day with your spouse.  

Take one.  That was freakin' blinding!

I almost got my eyes open!  

We give up- on the picture with eyes open.  Not on each other- ever.  Nearing the ten year mark of marriage, we have talked a lot about our past.  I can't imagine what the next ten will bring.  I bet it will be a lot less adventurous.  I can take a break from our adventures ;o)  
Kids- we have more than most couples have.  We have love.  Simple love of just sitting together.  We can sit in silence, or we giggle trying to take pictures of ourselves and being blinded by the flash.  Whatever we do, we remember how hard we have worked to grow our marriage to love that goes beyond a fancy dinner, or spending money to try to enjoy each other.  We love each other, and we love you.

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