Feb 7, 2013

The blog in which I share what I do as a SAHM.

Today I was texting with a girlfriend about, well, what sounded more like a men's locker room convo., and mid convo, she goes ahead with what I assume she was waiting on me to ask.

Her-  "You can put this sh*t in the blog.

So, it often comes up....  (I generally ask permission of my friends and family to blog them for all eternity.)  However, chick knows good material when she sees it, and thought she would save me the question.  Thanks friend!

First of all, we are two stay at home moms.  My mom was a stay at home mom, and I don't know what I really thought she did with her time while we were at school, but I am pretty sure it didn't involve conversations like I have with my friends.  From religion to the bedroom, our topics are as varied as our interest in cleaning products.  I happen to be on the extreme side of everything- from saving money to family fun. And EVERYTHING in between ;o)  So, when the convo turned to pirate/locker room talk, the best we could do was laugh about it.  And honestly, while I navigate my role as a stay at home mom of two full time students, I realize that if I used just half of my time more productively, I would not be nearly as happy as I am either going full speed a few days a week, or my days like today, of lazing my day away until it is time to move my tail into gear for the later part of the afternoon.

While Geoff works, I count the minutes until his return.  Well, I have to know how long I can do nothing before he comes home and sees me acting like a fantastic mom and wife ;o)  My house is clean,   made home made peanut butter cookies for him, and laundry folded and put away for the day.  Dinner in the crock pot, and migits still not due home for another hour.  That gives me an hour to thank G-d for what I have.

PS I am really trying to avoid thinking about an anxiety filled plan for the YMCA and me today.  Some times one must go out of their comfort zone- I know.  However, I LIVE outside of mine!  I don't know where it is anymore!  MUST FIND A THERAPIST!  Yep, avoiding that as well.  Not ashamed to admit that I am anxious about having to address my anxiety disorder.   The whole thought makes my brain wrinkle.  Remember, it was just this past summer that Charlie's therapist dropped us like a bad habit.  I am not sure why he dropped us.  However, he was ineffective for Charlie at the time, so I guess it all worked for the best.  Charlie is actually thriving in school, and no longer afraid to go.  (That was his issue this summer.)

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