Oct 31, 2012

The blog in which I don't know how to walk.

I really couldn't fit in exercise at home today due to the volunteer and Halloween schedule, so we headed to the YMCA to walk the indoor track.  No childcare at that time, so the migits and I walked a few minutes.  Well, it was only 15 minutes, and a lot of socializing with the staff, seeing as some elderly member told me I was walking wrong.  And that's when I came to understand how I ended up this big.

See, we walked in the door to the track, and there wasn't even one person there.  In fact, there was only about three or four people in the workout room that is adjacent to the track that runs the upstairs perimeter.  Generally, the gym below is bustling with a class, a pick up basketball game, or on occasion, a radKID class.  However, today, it was empty.  Not one person.  While the migits and I walked, two men found their way into the track, but not to walk.  One sat on a stationary bike that is on the track, the other, found a mat and was working on stretches and crunches.

And then, it happened.  "She" came.  She walks in, and immediately furrowed her brow.  She must have been in her seventies.  She was was walking directly toward us.  She says something as she is passing, and in all honesty, I thought it was going to be something negative about my children being up there, but instead, it went like this-

Furrowed brow lady-  You are doing it wrong.  You can't walk this way.

Me- (Pretending to not have heard what she just said)  Sure, you can walk that way if you want.

Furrowed brow lady-  No!  There is a sign.  You can't walk that way.

Me-  Enjoy your walk!

I chose to walk another two laps, and decided since the kids wanted to grab a drink, it would be a good time to leave, seeing as each time we passed this furrowed brow, I was more annoyed than the time before.  My patience is thin, so I only made it twice around her.  As we were approaching the door, I noticed she was walking with her back to us, so I peaked at the sign she motioned to earlier.  Freakin' A- she turned to watch me read it!   On Mondays and Saturdays I can walk that way, but the rest of the week, I am to walk the other direction.  I have never been that great at rules.  I'm a work in progress lady.  Love me for my faults and I will love you for your attention to detail when no one is looking.  We are not to judge each other for our wrong doings.  Or something like that... I won't throw stones her direction if she doesn't throw them at my glass house in... Forget it.  Not even the bible can help me.  I was wrong.  Forgive.  For I have sinned.

(PS  I had planned a 30 minute walk.  Best laid plans....)

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