Oct 26, 2012

The blog in which it's Duck for a Buck with Flava!

Everything is turning up duckie!  I swear, I showed up with no expectations, and was overwhelmed with the variety of ducks today.  I saw a posting on Facebook announcing that a new shipment had arrived, however, I assumed that it was just to replenish the stock.  I had NO idea what was in store for us this morning.  Then, I caught a glimpse of something that made me do a double take, since I thought I was going a little crazy, and caught a photo to share that with you as well.  (You know how there are the "Crazy Cat Ladies?"  I think I have become the "Crazy Duck Lady.")  Say nothing.

Rock Star Ducks.  Like Wayne and Garth- only cheesier.  

These are Duck ERASERS!  Wow!  Fun!  And we sold out of all but one of those!  

This is Hiking Duck.  You will need to watch the John Pinette  special on Netflix in order to appreciate the humor to this one.  The one special from 2011 is the one that talks about the hiking.  The early special was better though.  That's my review.  Enjoy!

Holy Matrimony Ducks!  'Til Mold do us part-- or Mom says  she doesn't know where we went, but assumes we flew south(er) for winter.  Wink, wink.  

UNICORN Duck!  Seriously?  I think my prayers were answered!  There is a G-d!  

All of these glow in the dark, and some are even American themed.  I was so proud of my son.  He bought the Statue of Liberty.  We have a huge tie to all things New York, however, it is also the "Liberty" themed one ;o)  School pride!  

Aviator Duck 

He was the only Sport Duck we had first thing in the morning.   We found a match for him.  Later.  Wait for it.  

Pink Pirate Ducks

Ninja Ducks! 

This is for the boys that asked for military duck.   USA! USA! USA!  

When asked, "What is this duck?"  I responded with, "It's Avenger Duck!"  The small child asks, "Can it float on water?"  Naturally, the smart a$$ in me quipped back with, "Yes, because now it's also Jesus Duck!"  I am so bad.  

Transportation Ducks.  I tried to sell one of the ducks as a decorated pilot.  I don't know how well that worked.  

I so see a hot date for the surfer dude or the Sumo Duck.  She is a catch! 

Surfer Dude!  Oh, comes with a free accessory!  (Yes, the surfboard.)

Sumo Ducks are back!  I have missed you guys!  

Crazy Hair Duck!  (AKA- Lazy Eye Duck)

My best impression.  I am serious.  I couldn't do any better.  Clearly, it was early.  Like, before 7:AM.  

This is an actual assortment that one boy purchased today.  I SO wanted to ask him  if he could read my mind.  I so would have bought those EXACT ducks.  

This duck sold out a few weeks ago.  We don't have anymore.   Oh, but wait.   There is one student who has figured out the system, comes each week,  and brings an old duck he has purchased, and asks to trade it out.  Okay kid.  I got your number.  We won't be trading next week.  Or any week after that.  

Front- notice the over use of tape to hold it together?  I am not even kidding when I tell you that today I received payment in any possible variety- all nickels, ripped dollars, and two checks!  Then, the kids who came with 50 cents for the ring pop fundraiser for Cancer-- They asked if they could just pay me next time the rest of the money.  Not so much.  Keep Moving! 
Back- notice they had some tape left over from the front?

Are you serious?  She has duckie earrings?  What the duck? ! ? ! ? !  And why can't I  sell these for a buck?  I think I have an idea for the ducks we are collecting.  Wait for next week friends!  I promise to do something CRAZY CREATIVE with the ducks we have thus far.  You won't want to miss it!  

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