Oct 23, 2012

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I had been given the opportunity to sign up for a parent teacher conference for my daughter, the kindergartner.  I saw the sign up was for a fifteen minute time slot, and honestly, while I am desperate to be overly involved in every minute detail of my children's lives, I felt like this might not really be necessary since I feel like she is doing fine, and I have no concerns.  So, I signed up for a time slot, and then emailed the teacher asking if we might just do it over the phone, if at all, if she has anything she wanted to share with me, however, I was cool on my end.  And here is what I got from the teacher-

"Shayna is doing an amazing job.  I have no concerns regarding her academics.  I think that she is doing well.  She goes to the highest reading group and from what I hear that is the perfect place for her.  If you don’t have any concerns I think we can consider this our conference and save you an afternoon."

I am in love with this teacher.  And my child.  

You all know that I have a son, a mere 14 months older than this girl child.  And no.  Nothing like this EVER happens in regards to him and his academics.  Everyone assumes that since he's on the autism spectrum, that school is a breeze for him.  Complete. Total. Opposite.  However, he is overly sweet and affectionate and never has melt downs like some other children on the spectrum.  He loves transition, meeting new people, and pleasing those around him.  Not the typical autistic seven year old, and for that, I love him.  But man, those IEP meetings just about kill me each time we have to discuss his educational needs.  Thanks for the girl migit for "saving me the afternoon." ;o)   

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