Oct 10, 2012

The blog in which I admit my embarrassing problem. Don't judge.

While I don't embarrass easily, this past year I have found myself getting super involved in and around our community, and meeting lots of amazing people.  While each person I meet has their own story to tell, I have this problem of not remembering it.  Or their face.  Or how I know the face.

Just a few weeks ago I was in a specialty toy store with my family for an American Girl doll event, and ran into a smiling face that immediately recognized me, and said "hi."  Luckily, my migits were there and it didn't take as long for me to realize that this warm smile was actually my son's teacher this year.  Wow.  A little slow on the reaction speed, however, it gets worse.  Just a week after that event, I was in the school office and was stuffing each teacher's mailbox with PTA newsletters and another smiling face comes at me and says "hi."  Yep, again, same teacher, but because she was not in her room, I could not place how I knew her.  Within 30 seconds I figured it out, but man, this lady has all the nails in my crazy coffin lined up now, for sure.

Then, on Monday, Geoff had off with the bank holiday, and decided to come and help with my marathon Monday of volunteering I do in the school, and I was really enjoying my morning, and along comes a group of kids with another parent volunteer to exchange books in the media center.  The mom was super nice, said "Hi Erin," and I was yet again forced to try to feign true recognition.  She left, and I know my acting skills were horrible, and I was feeling terrible.  I was lying in bed that night, and it hit me.  I saw her face in the place I met her, about 2 months ago, at the free movie in the park while she was at her booth, advertising her local Macaroni Kid blog for our area.  Wow.  I was sooo embarrassed.  I never embarrass, unless I feel like I might have made some one else feel bad, and this was exactly what happened.  I messaged her on Facebook, and yes, she verified it was her, and she was SO COOL about it, that I feel comfortable enough to make it a topic.  BTW- If you are a local parent, the Canton Macaroni Kid blog is really my favorite local blog.  Lots of "know before you go type stuff," tons of different events for families that I never seem to be able to find on my own, and she is really that sweet that you have got to come and meet her at some of the local events.  (I get the pleasure of seeing her at my kids' school, but don't even realize it, I guess.)  She even gets lots of deep discounts and does really great giveaways.  The Disney on Ice winner is a girl I happen to know through Geoff from years ago!  Local people really do win her giveaways!   Find her online and like her on Facebook.http://www.facebook.com/cantonwoodstockmackid
http://canton.macaronikid.com/ Pass her information on to your friends too!

What embarrasses you?  Kids saying something inappropriate in public?  Sex talk? Finding out that you wore your shirt backwards?  An autocorrect you don't catch and it appears your phone is a dirty old man?  Well, for me, it's having a hard time recognizing people.  And I hope that you all will appreciate my honesty, and start wearing name tags and how I might know you from now on.  Thanks.  

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