Oct 5, 2012

The blog in which I sold the impossible.

Ahhh....We made it!  It's Friday.  And what do we do on Friday's boys and girls????  Duck for a Buck for PTA!  I LOVE this volunteer position more than I have shared with you.  Seriously... Each time I go, I have the best time.  First, the kids love someone selling a cheap toy.  Second, the kids are hilarious!  Lastly, I am incredibly motivated to move some stagnant ducks my peeps.

We are awaiting an order of new ducks to come, so the duck selection is slim picking, and most of the kids that have been purchasing ducks, have all the ones that they really wanted.  The specialty ducks, like the glow in the dark ones, or the ones with hair, the cheerleaders, mer-ducks, etc., have all sold out.  So, we were stuck with the less popular ducks to sell today.  No problem.  I was helping two other moms, and Geoff was there as well, so it freed me up to work my magic.  I set a personal goal.  I was going to sell at least 4 of the rainy day ducks.  Those are the ducks that have a little rain jacket, hat and an umbrella tucked neatly under its' wing.  Well, it's all plastic, so it's all molded that way, but I noticed that the umbrella's all had different colors, and man, I worked that umbrella angle like no body's business.

"We have special edition Rainy Day Duck today! Only a dollar for the duck!  Free umbrella accessory included in this purchase price of a mere dollar!  That's right!  You heard correctly- free umbrella for your duck, and a MULTITUDE of umbrella colors to chose from!"  See, I think expanding their vocabulary is important.  I am all about education.  The teachers can thank me for that later.  I might have even used the word "myriad" of colors later on as the sales slowed.  I had ten minutes from the time I set my personal sales goal.  And you know what?  I sold six or seven.  I can't wait for the Christmas shop to come back again this year.  I will move more cheap mugs than Santa gives out candy canes this year!  PS  I heard through the grapevine that the new shipment arrived, and I can't wait for next Friday!

Here are the ducks--- these are the same ducks from over a month ago when we started.  Notice the free umbrella?  It's a steal, right?  That's what I though too!

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