Oct 17, 2012

The blog in which I video'ed a traumatic experience.

It was so nasty.  I have always had a real aversion to them.  I don't even like to call them by their names.  I have a nickname for them- "hard crunchies."  Anyway, one was in my house yesterday, and I was alone.  Well, technically, not alone, seeing as I had the hard crunchy AND my faithful dog, yet in this mission, I was, alone.  I HAD to take care of this- ALONE.  Oh man, I was so upset, and luckily for me, remembered one of my old tricks- a bowl.  However, one time, I placed a bowl or a cup over one of these things when I lived at home as a teenager, and I remember it literally was across the room come morning time when my dad frustratingly questioned me about it.  I promised him it was the size of his foot, and he was annoyed at my exaggeration.  By the time he had to deal with it, he understood that I had only slightly exaggerated, seeing as he doesn't have a particularly large foot.

When I watched the video, I was hysterical.  I didn't know I could scream like that.  However, it explained why my throat hurt all afternoon.  I understand that at 36 years old, I should have slightly more control of myself.  Some.  Some control might be more appropriate.  As for the talking to the hard crunchy and myself- yes, I am aware that talking to ones' self is a sign of mental instability, however, if you met my family, you would clearly see that I am not the worst in the group.  Shout out to the fam.!  Love you all-- and your many people you talk to.

I swear, not one bit of this was staged or dramatic for the camera.  I'm not that good an actress.  I knew the experience would be noteworthy, as I wanted Geoff to see what I do with myself while the family is gone during the day.  (Besides doing the daily laundry, cleaning bathrooms, vacuuming, dishes, and organizing closets and rooms.)  Yes, I even play the part of "Protector of the House from snakes, rats, and hard crunchies."  I am a very busy chicky.  Which reminds me... We might want to look into a good exterminator.

Luckily, my mom came over in the afternoon, so she was able to dispose of it for me.  I cut her hair, and she does dead insect removal.  It's a fair trade.  And without further ado, I bring you the "event," in its' entirety.  I hope you appreciate the trauma it caused me.

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