Oct 12, 2012

The blog in which I share our Friday Family Fun Night in photos.

After eating ham pizza, celery and tomatoes, fruit parfaits and decorating and eating our sugar cookies and hot chocolate, Shay got started on this painting project while Charlie and everyone else headed to the tree to start hanging ornaments. 

When she finished painting, he came over to look at all the ornaments and hang them.  All our ornaments are picture ornaments we have made one the years.   
Oh look.  the village people ducks came to see the blessed event.  

Looking back at all the ornaments is the best part of decorating our tree.  

Working with the children wasn't the problem.  Getting the dog and ALL of Geoff's head into the picture seemed to pose more of a challenge for our resident photographer tonight.  I was in the process of crying down my leg.  I laughed 'till I peed.  

Take number 37.

Photo bomb.  

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