Oct 25, 2012

The blog in which I whine.

This is that post where I tell you about how my day was horrible, and sadly, a few of you like those posts, since you say it makes me "real."  Well, if that is you... I am so freakin' "real" today, you might want me a little less "real."  Or, that was your warning to not call.

The school screwed around with me yesterday, and that poured over into today, and while cleaning the sink, the scrubby thing broke that cleans my dishes, and I don't have any extra money to go buy another scrubby right now, but luckily, found a sponge to start cleaning with, then while still cleaning the sink, accidentally shot the hose thingie and then played the part of the solo wet t-shirt contestant right as the bus was coming, then the girl migit got off the bus in a rare huff, and when questioning, it was an incident with a neighbor friend that I insisted she resolve, that instant, and then we did a play date with the friend, and then dinner, and all the freakin' while... I had a wet bra and was seething about addressing the school, and how I am losing sleep over finances, and I am pretty sure that I am not the only person in the world that lies awake at night wondering how we will be able to pay a mere $3 for extra tissues for our child's class as well as now send in two mini pumpkins that I didn't sign up for when I actually signed up for a box of Capri Sun that I knew I had in the outside fridge, and yet, the teacher changed her mind and the sign up and changed me to something I would have to go purchase.  Well, my prayers were slightly answered while on this field trip today, my daughter was allowed to pick a mini pumpkin to take home.  And let me tell you people... I told her I had to send it into school on Monday since I am not freakin' finding money for this and the gas to get to and from this school I serve that treats me like poo because apparently I am not sending enough money into the school and they have decided to treat me like poo.  I need one more mini pumpkin, and the kids each got one at some event this weekend that they painted a pumpkin, so don't be surprised if I rinse off the paint and call it a day on Monday when I send them in.  OH! OH!  I also forgot that I won a contest and couldn't accept the prize because it wa a mystery prize and the prize was something that wasn't really going to work for our family, (a night time play of Huckleberry Finn which is sorta' out of our age range anyway) but I had never won anything before!  I turned it down, but pray that the right family gets that opportunity.  Really, it was a rough day.

I think my menstrual cycle won this round.  Tomorrow, I will conquer and divide.  Mostly divide, as I will have a different bra on, and when it's Duck for a Buck time, I have to get my game on.  I hope you English teachers didn't die over the last run on sentence thing I made up in that last paragraph thing ;o)

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