Oct 30, 2012

The blog in which I share apraxia.

It was just Charlie and I in the car on our way to gymnastics tonight. Geoff is home sick, and my mom is spending the night since she is coming to help out at the kids' school for a special event in the morning.   So, she is home doing reading with Shay, and it was a rare Charlie and Mommy car trip.  And here is what happened.

Charlie- I love you Mom.

Me- I love you too.  

Charlie- No.  I love you Mom.   Grandma.  You mom.  

Me- Oh.  Right. 

* I noticed the lack of a pause and an "r."   I don't know what I was thinking.  Apraxia.  It stinks to be on this end of it.  

Charlie is not one to illicit conversation, or really to indulge us with it.  It is a rare when he does.  He talks so little in school that as I was walking in the halls with a classmate of his, she asked why he doesn't ever talk.  I told her that talking is hard for him, and he was not thrilled that I divulged that information.  Then, I got a call from the private speech therapy asking how I feel he is doing in speech. I said that I thought it was effective for him, however, he is still not confident enough to speak amongst his peers.  She said she understood that.  

Well, then comes gymnastic time, and I realized, he doesn't STOP talking there!  He feels SO confident with his coaches, that he talks to them like it's freakin' social hour.  While I love the relationship he has with EVERYONE at the YMCA, there is something particularly special about the gymnastic coaches, Ms. Brenda and Ms. Peggy. They seem to relate so intensely with each child, and that is invaluable to me.  They came to know us through the swim team season this past Spring and Summer, as they are the aquatic directors. 

We ate dinner before going to gymnastics tonight, and Charlie was trying so hard to tell me something that he was near tears in frustration for lack of understanding on my part.  It took a few minutes to try to figure it out.  And while I don't think I figured it out, I figured out that somehow, by some small grace, his gymnastics coaches understand him, and he wants to talk to them.  And I am happy to see him interact with these two amazing women.  

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