Oct 10, 2012

The blog in which I share my tardiness on a special Ahrens event. My apologies to the elves.

I suppose I can't technically call myself a writer, since I do more writer block complaining and less writing nowadays.  Oh well.  Although, I had a lunch date today with a close friend who noticed how late I am on our yearly event.  I mentioned how I spent much of the morning cleaning and prepping for our Friday Family Fun Night  this week.  We normally do this event on the first Friday of October, however, we had a BINGO night to try out at the YMCA last Friday night, so we decided to postpone the event.  The migits aren't too aware of the calendar at this point anyway, so we thought we could get away with it.

We told the kids on Saturday that we were going to let them guess what this coming week's activity was going to be.  They had such great guesses, that it gave me some more ideas for future Friday night plans.  However, two days into it, neither one got it.  By Sunday, we told them that for dinner, we would have our traditional Friday Night Pizza, but that this one would have ham on it.  That's part of the clue.  Then, we told them that we would make our dessert.  We would make sugar cookies and decorate them.  Got it now?  Then....

The suggestions the kids threw at me were fantastic.  Shay thought perhaps we would horseback ride, or go fly a kite.  Charlie took over with thinking after Sunday, and his ideas included chimney cleaning and swimming in the ocean.  It was such a let down when I explained that we don't have a chimney.  As for the ocean, I don't like sand in my girlie-parts.  I assume that would have been an even bigger let down had I explained that, but I think he is screwed up enough, so I just told him that wasn't what we were doing.  After about 10 minutes, he really did come up with it.  DECORATING FOR CHRISTMAS!

While I was raised in the bible belt of America, someone forgot to mention that to my Jewish family when we moved here.  So my friends all had Christmas and lights, smells, sounds, and the whole day, I had Chanukkah.  You have all heard my take on that holiday.  The Christians celebrated the birth of their savior!  The Jews--- oil.  Whoopee.  Trying to control my excitement over oil, I see why Ben Stein is so un-enthused by life.  I always loved Christmas, and no, it's not why I converted.  I would have been one of those Jews that quirkily loved Christmas regardless.  So, I converted, and I felt like I had about 25 years worth of Christmas's stolen from my life, and I am merely making up for lost time now.

We have all sorts of traditions for Christmas.  We have music going almost year round with online radio stations that allow us to find a few classics throughout the year.  In fact, when I am really mad at Geoff, he runs and grabs an iPod, sets it to Christmas music, sets it up near me, and runs.  It's not conventional,  but it's how we roll ;o)

We have the Christmas classics on DVD box set, and watch a movie a night until we have run through those.  Shay was given an amazing Advent Book of mini books that have the bible scriptures in story form explaining the real Christmas story, and that is a nightly thing we do each year as well.  The family piles into the car with a cup of hot chocolate and we look in neighboring  subdivisions for their light displays.  Our favorite is the Bridgemill Avenue trifecta of homes that have a little blow up village of balloons.  I loved the Mickey one and the carousel the best ;o)  I don't care for large gaudy lights.  White is classy, and I also appreciate the manger scenes.  No joke- I take my light appreciation to a ridiculous level of pickiness and make sure my windows are up while I make my running commentary on other people's efforts.  Then there is dessert bag making for friends and family, teachers, and therapists, bus driver, and this year, we will probably make it over to drop off with a community service workers- thinking fire stations and maybe to our priests.  The children usually pick a few names from our gift tree at church, and hopefully, we will pick some elderly people to go and purchase and wrap gifts for this time.  They like the gifts for children tags, since those are usually toys, and toys seem way more fun then toiletries and sucking candies.  I don't blame them.  I love toy shopping too!  The calendar must be prepared soon, as the "flip the switch" on the tree alternating days will begin on Friday night as well.

And Shout.  Lest we not forget our Elf on the Shelf.  Shout joined our family when Shay was 2 and Charlie was 3.  We have a ton of great ways that Shout has come back to our home each day during the Christmas season.  Luckily, many other families have shared some creative ways their elves have come to them (on Pinterest), and this year, I will have a fresh batch of activities for Shout to participate in.  Wink, wink.  Shout has always made it to our home on Shay's birthday, November 23.  However, I think Shout might send us a letter to read that he will stick in the Christmas decorations on Friday night telling us how excited he was to see us this past year doing all the fun things we did.  He might even mention some of the new things we did; swim team,  starting kindergarten and first grade, going to the cabin with Brody, gymnastics, dance recital, etc. I still think he will make his first appearance on her birthday, maybe waking up in Shayna's doll bed, cross dressing into hippy clothes from the doll.  (I have had too much time to think this one up peeps.)  Shay got the doll bed for Christmas last year, and all year I have been thinking how it would make a great "hiding" spot.  The cross dressing part is solely for adult entertainment purposes, however, my migits have a surprisingly fantastic sense of humor, and I think it will be a hit.  If you don't have a doll bed, try the elf napping in the tissue box, using a folded tissue as a pillow and a tissue as a cover.  Elves like candy canes or red and white mints on their pillows- FYI.

For our local friends, the (free) Movies in the Park series continues this Saturday with Ice Age 4, the newest in that series.  The weather is set to be perfect for a Fall night.  So, our Super Saturday is set, and our Sunday Funday will probably be mellow, as the kids need some down time at home after church.  Maybe a quick swim at the YMCA or a family walk.  Who knows... honestly, whatever we do this weekend, as long as we are together, it will be magical.

Bought this on clearance at the end of the season last year for about $5.  Shay is soooo excited about this part of the night.  
What are your plans this weekend?  Anything fun?  What are your Christmas traditions?

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