Dec 30, 2012

The blog in which I made a DIY (18" doll) arm cast.

Found duct tape at the dollar bins at Target this week as they set up for Valentine's Day stuff, so it was pink.  How appropriate.  I knew I could do something with that soon.  Had no idea it would be two days later!  This cast simply slips on, and honestly, is snug enough to not fall off.  If it gets loose, I will cut a seam, and attach velcro, however, I don't foresee it loosening up.  This was too easy to make, and maybe took about 10 minutes to make one cast.
Scrap felt and empty toilet paper roll
Glue it together after making thumb hole

before duct tape

after duct tape

The yellow cast is an American Girl cast that came with the "Get Well" Kit she requested for her birthday.  It does not have a thumb hole to make it a full cast, but it does come with stickers.  Luckily, I have stickers, and will let her decorate this cast and and any others I make.  

I think it looks so real.  She loves it as much as I do, and I can't wait to make more with her to give to friends!  Share the page=share the love!  Please do not sell these directions for the DIY doll cast.  They are my intellectual property, but I would be happy to hear that you used the tutorial to save yourself some money ;o)  

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