Dec 22, 2012

The blog in which we are in the mountains for a few days.

Today was one of those "cabin fever" days.  We literally had been in the cabin since two nights ago, and finally, weather cleared up enough to make our way into town.  (Into town is about 3 miles away, if that.)  We had impressive rain and wind yesterday, and snow flurries all morning.  Once the sun came out to play, we ventured out.  We ran to drop off the the Redbox movie and get another one, as well as some assorted groceries we needed at the store the Redbox is in.  The real reason for the outing was actually for the year round Christmas store.  It's called "Always Christmas,"  and it is the main store in the building, with a Christian bookstore, jewelry, and cards flanking one side, and a walkthrough to an assorted novelty gift shop and baby gift store on the other walk through.  There is a toy train that runs around the atrium above our heads of the main store, and that is where we spent much of our time.  From Christmas villages and displays, to SnowBabies by Dept. 56, to ornaments and unique decorations, we looked at it all.  Here are some of the things we saw.  And when we finally left, I was slightly confused.  Take a look and see why...

I am not even kidding.  The temperatures the entire day did not reach over 34 degrees Fahrenheit.  We were numb waiting on Mom to take the picture on my phone and her iPod.  

For a fairly spiritual type of business, this kind of shocked me.  It is a wine stopper.  
The backside- literally, of the wine stopper.  
Creepy, right?  This was a full sized table and fake people in the corner of another room in the non Christmas side of the store.  I was not sure how to respond at the moment, so I snapped the photo and here it is.   
Mom saw this and I think she secretly wanted it for herself,  but she talked me into liking it with her.  And now, we have an owl, with dangling legs.  I have named him.  "Dangle."  As in, "Dangle all the way..."  

WTH?  Oh.My. Gosh.  I have not been so frightened since that freakish elf Charlie got last year.  Luckily, that thing was only good for one prank joke on Geoff when he went bowling and I tucked that freakish thing under his side of the bed.  The next best day with him was recently, when I found that his head had fallen off, and I had to find time for a proper burial.  (It was hard to fit him into the garbage since he was sorta' a full sized doll and my bathroom garbage is pretty small. )  
"Dangle" joined the cast this evening, and all four are doing an awesome job of just hanging around the cabin.  

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