Dec 15, 2012

I am not happy about some Christian's views on this.

I went to bed, after seeing all those, "How can we expect G-d to protect us in school if we have taken him out of those very institutions,"  I was mad.  How can the adults believe that.  Not just adults.  Christian adults.  Where is your faith, people???  That is not what the Christian religion teaches us.  And beyond that, you are certainly causing your children to rethink the way they see our Heavenly Father.

First, there is the first lesson of any Christian bible, and it begins in the Old Testament.  It's called "free will."  If you don't know what that means, essentially, it's a thing created by G-d, Himself, that allows us to make mistakes.  Lots of them.  Varying degrees of them.  And while the specifics to this case are not relevant to my point, I will say, with certainty, someone prayed, and G-d was with them.  And with certainty, someone else there probably did not pray, and He was with them, too.

We can't keep Him out of any place.  We believe that he is the maker of heaven and earth.  We believe he is the the Father Almighty.  I mean, as a Catholic, we have a creed.  I am not even making this up.  The truth is, I believe.  And yet, it's no different than my parents home.  It was a Jewish home.  And yet, while the Jewish faith would have been enough to keep Jesus out of the family, Jesus found me,  and no amount of Hebrew school, matzo ball soup, or dreidels was going to keep G-d's only son, MY Lord, Jesus Christ, out of my life.

One day, when I was in my early 20's,  while I was still in my discernment period of my beliefs,  I was dabbling with Catholic prayer, and was saying a rosary.  I was living in a Jewish home, and you might think, "What is a Catholic specific prayer doing in a Jewish home?  Can't be.  Christian things are not "allowed" there."  Well, true.  They were not "allowed."  That didn't stop me from saying it, or having my mom knock on my bedroom door, and just walk in on me shoving my rosary beads into my lap, under the bed covers.  Years later, I knew that conversation would prove funny, and when she asked about that time she walked in on me, she was devastated to learn that I was actually saying a prayer, and NOT what she thought she walked in on.  (I might be hairy, but my palms are noticeably hairless. ) I was living at home, and one day, my dad got in my car to shuffle it in the driveway to maneuver another car out, and upon turning the car on, he got blasted with the tag line to my radio station, the newest radio station of the time, called , "104.7, The Fish."  He came back in, and questioned me.  I just said, "It makes me feel good."  No lies- yet.  I had not converted.  It took years to finally convert, but I was still trying to figure it all out.  He was not happy.  He knew something was not "right." "Right," being Jewish.

This past week, I was at the school for both of my children's holiday parties.  I arrived to my daughters class, and tried to enter the classroom.  The door was closed.  AND locked.  I looked through the small window, and knocked, and another parent that came for the party came and let me in.  I joked about how it felt a little like Fort Knox.  I'm not joking now.  I am comforted.

We don't have control of everyone around us.  We can't stop crazy.  We can be in prayer, but I think that it really is ALL of our responsibility to try to help identify people who are mentally ill, and the truth is, I do not condone guns in home, but I don't think it makes a difference.  It will get in the hands of crazy whether I believe in it or not.  What happened yesterday was a sad case of a mentally unstable person doing something that had this horrible and tragic ending.  Does it mean that G-d wasn't there?  No.  He was.  He was there in the teacher that pulled a child from gun fire, in the closet they barricaded themselves in, the police, firemen, ambulance workers, and other public responders that arrived shortly after it all began.  G-d is there, and we need to stop placing blame, and instead, pray for those who are mentally ill, and pray for that community.  Please think about how you think, Facebook post, and talk.  Especially around your children.  There is no need to minimize G-d's love for us, or abilities, because you are naive to think that while school prayer has been removed from the scheduled school day.  I eat lunch with my children each week at school.  And guess what... I bow my head and prayer with my children, and no one has ever asked me to stop.


  1. Well said Erin. jennifer

    1. I honestly appreciate your comment, Jennifer. I am in no way attempting to preach to the choir, but those that posted those comments yesterday need to think about it. Again, thanks for the comment. EA

    2. Amen, I couldn't have said this any better myself, Erin. RIGHT on!!

  2. Erin, this made me cry. It echoes my heart so perfectly. I could not have said it better myself. Thank you for posting this. He is always with us and there is nothing we, or anyone else can do to keep Him from relentlessly pursuing and comforting all.