Dec 13, 2012

The blog in which Charlie is moving on.

I am so excited!  We have found a gymnastics gym that will work with us financially, that is right around the corner- as in, it take 1 minute and 42 seconds to drive there.  They met with Charlie about two weeks ago, we viewed a boys' class,  spoke with the boys' coach, and got the email yesterday stating they are excited to have Charlie join them, starting in January!

The YMCA program has been amazing for us, however, from the second class there this past Fall, they told us that we would not be able to keep him there for long, due to his abilities.  They generally worked the vault, beam and floor, bringing out the bars once, and he really desires to learn more there.  So, I had my dad build him a bar, and he has already developed his kip, and is working on hip circles.  ALL.WITHOUT.FORMAL.TRAINING.  (Thank you,!) He wants so badly to try all the mens' equipment, since he sits for hours watching videos of mens' gymnastics.  As the boys were working on the parallel bars at our visit at the new gym, Charlie stood, frozen, almost moving his hips as when we chew while watching someone else eat a meal.  (You know you do this!)

While we are gearing up for his final class/exposition performance at the YMCA this coming Tuesday, it is with sadness that we leave the Y's gymnastics program, but thankful for their patience, love, and understanding of Charlie.  They not only allowed him to love gymnastics, but they built confidence, and that is worth way more than the price of admission for this mom.

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