Dec 11, 2012

The blog in which it's radKid time again!

Yes, radKid has that hip "iPad" weird capitalization thing happening, but today was day one of five for a small group of 8-12 year olds at the YMCA.  We are so lucky to have participated in this organization's class last February, and even more fortunate to have been able to participate on a very small scale during other classes.  (Generally, we like to go to the graduation ceremony and help with the gear the children where while doing the simulations.)  It is nothing more than about 45 minutes of our day, but our entire family loves being a part of it.  This session, we were asked if we would like to help in the class, doing a most important job- handing "sticka's" out.  Geoff came and helped and that allowed my sick tail to go upstairs and catch the last few minutes of Charlie's gymnastics class, and then to bring him to the radKids class and help with Shay and Geoff, while I took my coughing mess of a self, home.

Today could not have been a more appropriate day to participate for us.  You see, my kids have been bullied on the bus.  Last week was Shay.  This week, was Charlie.  And while I am fully aware of the video on the bus bit, and the going to the school administrators bit, I am approaching this differently.  First, the parent is a friend, and the child, is young.  If the child were older, or the parent flippant, I would address the situation differently.  I think the root of the child's behavior is what needs to be addressed.  I want for that child to know what my kids know from radKids.  While I don't have the radKids booklet in front of me, I can't quote perfectly, but I can tell you that both my kids know that they are special.  She needs to know that.  Second, no one has the right to hurt you.  And it's okay to tell.  My own two migits have been through the class one time, and witnessed no less than 4 other classes (in part) and yet, the best I got was Shay telling the child to stop, and that she had to tell a parent.  While Charlie didn't have the words, Shay should have gotten the bus driver involved.  I am glad that she didn't, as this was a friend and I hope to work through this differently.  The mother is mortified, and I feel for her.

So, I approached one of the radKid instructors, and shared our story, and she stopped setting up for class this evening, and took both migits and reviewed what they know.  Sometimes, it takes another voice to reiterate it.  I was so thankful. While I believe that one day, these techniques will be second nature, I hope that neither child is ever in a situation where they have to employ them.  I will arm them with the tools, and pray that other parents are given the same opportunity as mine were- to know they are important; to know they don't deserve to be treated badly; and that it's okay to tell.

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