Dec 17, 2012

The blog in which make a D.I.Y. toy doll lantern.

I was wasting time on, and found this project, and it has absolutely NO place to credit.  However, it had three pictures and that made enough sense to me to do it, and then break it down for you guys.  I just so happen to have EVERY single piece I needed.  (I am weird about keeping things around the house, however, I always seem to have something to whip together a DIY project.)
We get these with each purchase of any over the counter, liquid medicines for the kids.   We used to throw them in the sandbox, or in the tubs, but the kids are too old for that stuff, and Shay is the last one on liquid medicines, and we are phasing that out too with chew ables and dissolvables.  
I attempted to sand paper this writing off, but couldn't, so I just painted right over it with my acrylic paint.  
Try as I might with the acetone nail polish remover,  I ended up having to buff off the ink with some sand paper.  I know.  You are as shocked as I was the day I had to purchase nail polish remover.  Don't worry.  It's not mine.  Shay needed something to remove her occasional nail polish.  It's purple.  One of her many favorite colors ;o) Notice the little black dots around the edge of the bottom of the cup?  I liked them.  They got to stay.  

Painted the whole battery tea light because it looked silly otherwise.    Personal preference.
Using a knife, cut a hole in the bottom.  That is where you will put the light bulb through.  
The paint covered well.  
I had to sneak and do this in the closet, since I had a sick migit home today.  (Once I get an idea, I can't help myself.)    Not the prettiest work area to photograph in.  I am considering super gluing the whole thing together, once the paint is dry.

I wanted  a handle, but nothing hard, so I grabbed some black ribbon, and attached it under the painted cap.  That way, the doll can "carry" it on her arm when playing, if it's not lighting up the tent area I created.  I used Super Glue gel to attach all the pieces.
Finished product, in the light, still very bright for a tiny, yet muted light.   (Placed near the acrylic paint bottle for size proportion.) 
In the dark.

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