Dec 12, 2012

The blog in which the Pope has sold out.

I am not even kidding.  I just somehow streamed piping hot decaf tea through my nostrils, onto my lap. See, there are certain sentences that just don't sound right.  Yesterday's "We attended a board meeting" was definitely on that list of things that made me giggle.  Although, today's, "The Pope sends his first tweet" made the tea singe the hair in my nostrils.  It is not a joke.  While there is a Pope spoof on Twitter, this one today was the real deal, and maybe it's because I am not as connected to the world as people who watch the news, but this seems ridiculous.  By the way- the spoof one is really funny.  Almost a funny as "Texting with Dog."

So, I do not "Twitter."  First, I have WAY too much to say, and am not partial to being limited.  Plus, I do it all on Facebook, and even there, it's too much for most people.  So much so, I have chosen to not "friend" many a family member, as I know they would lose patience with my over posting of pictures, video's and mundane life that I chose to share. (I don't know why I feel this need to share that my dog's hair is tangled up three of my toes, or that it's yet another night of Chanukkah and you will have to listen to my migits and I sing prayers that sound like a cat coughing up a fur ball, EACH. NIGHT.OF.CHANUKKAH. ) Last night, was one of those frantic "calls to mom moments."  See, her sister, my aunt, sent a friend request on Facebook.  Out of concern that my aunt, who only has to tolerate me a few times a year by phone call, or once every few years in person, was denied access to the trap that is my Facebook wall.  I messaged her a kind note of apology, but honestly, I think I saved us all a lot of frustration.

I don't know why some people allow me to remain a "friend" there, but I can only conclude that they think the world of my migits (Grandma), or enjoy watching me make a fool of myself.  It's like a naked train wreck running around without any medication to level anxiety disorder or what I call, "my life."  I love my life, and chose to share it, with more characters than the Pope's newest outlet will allow.

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