Dec 22, 2012

The blog in which we got out again and visited an antique mall in the mountains.

On our way back to the cabin today, we decided to stop and meander around this huge antique store, in town.  Shay went with my folks to a flea market in North Carolina to replace part of a charm bracelet they gave her.  We had to go shopping with Charlie for more Christmas presents since he got money from family and we wanted him to pick out what he wanted us to wrap for him to open from them.  Luckily, there was a Walmart about 20 minutes away, so we headed over there.

I don't know what I was thinking when I suggested we stop at the antique mall.  First, I don't like shopping.   Second, I was about two hours over due for my coffee, and Charlie told us he was tired.  He never does that.  Third, I guess I don't know what antiques are, since I found a bunch of things that seemed more freakish than antique.  You decide...

Mnn-boob alert!  Look, I know what this is.  But I can't calm down long enough for inwardly giggling over the boobies.  
First of all, it's a coconut.  Second of all, it's fifty dollars!  Holy cow, people!  I understand  it has glasses, and that it must have cost an arm and a nut to have an opthamologist examine a coconut and fit it for glasses, but come on!  Fifty bucks?  Do you know how many ducks that is?  (If you are not aware of my ducks sales,  find a Friday post that mentions ducks, and it will all make sense to you then.)  

The lamp was nice, until I got the close up...

Monkey screwed the whole thing up.  Was this popular during some specific time period?  If so,  can I assume those people were from another country?

What is this?  Is this code for something?  

Yeah... these look pretty useless.  
Sadly, I knew what this item was, way before I looked on the tag.   Thought of you A.C.!  
Abe Linocoln and Winston Churchill face mugs.  Thought of Uncle Ray.  Just a thought.  I don't like to spend money.  But lest we forget the thought.... 

Oh look!  A rocking hor... I mean, CAMEL!  Weird.  

This IS actually more along the lines of what I thought we would see in an antique mall.  The weirdest part?  This was the only one I found.  Like there was a "run" on these or something.  Puny.  Very puny, in deed.  

Geoff liked this. 

This was actually really cool to me.  So spastic looking compared to what we use now.  

So the raisins are now antiques?  Wasn't that the 80's?  IF so, is that really antique worthy?  Charlie thought they were M&M's.  

Freakish.  And expensive for it's ratio of cost to freak.  

That looked cool, but it had a mute and redial button, so that couldn't be too old either.  

The red eyes on the rabbit made it look demonized.  

What is the specific name of this art?  Whatever it is, I don't like it.  I LOVE IT!  I think it would look so fantastically next to my Lady Liberty lamp.  No?  Well, if you knew Lady Liberty, you would know she is lonely and in need of a friend.  An uglier one than her, at that.  

These monkeys will always be possessed looking to me.  

In high school, I had a boy who gave me trolls.   I asked why he would always give them to me.  He said it was because I collected them.  I then told him I was collecting them since he was giving them to me.  So, he kept giving them to me.    And, I kept collecting them.  (We can keep going, but let me stop here to share a little secret with you.  I NEVER WANTED TO COLLECT THEM.)  My friends and I painted a mural on my purple walls one summer, and the background was a painted brick wall to look like Pink Floyd's "The Wall," and we drew a Grateful Dead skull into it, along with other odds and ends that were relevant to me at that time.  We added a troll for the troll that was trying to woo me with  his plastic pieces of crap.  He was never the wiser.  

$11 for a racist can opener?  It's a steal!  But we managed to keep our hands in our pockets, and our sense of humor, and walked out of the store shaking our heads, and with empty hands.  ;o)  

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