Oct 19, 2013

Adventures has a talker!

"Mom, there is a lot of low prices." (I didn't correct the verb tense.  I was just excited he was talking with me.)  

"Yes, there are.  How do you know that?" 

"The hangy "fings."  

(He points)

Ahh.... so he CAN read!  And he can tell me about "fings."  And while he still has diphthong and blend issues, boy is this kid talking about twice as much as he has his whole life!  Unloading the groceries, he asked again to head to the park to ride bikes with me.  I told him that since he had invited another mom and her daughter, our time changed to accommodate their schedule, so now we will go closer to dinner.  Then he said, "I never have an OPPORTUNITY to go!"  

First, yes, we are busy, and often, busy with bike riding.  Second, HE SAID THAT MULTISYLABIC WORD PERFECTLY!  Holy macaroni!  I hugged him after he said that.  I would have hugged anyone near me- even the dog, but luckily, he was the recipient of that excitement.  You just have no idea.  Apraxia is more than just poor speech.  For us, it is a whole brain issue.  It affects his learning, his understanding, and most importantly, his expressive language. 

I don't think home educating is for everyone.  I certainly didn't believe is was for us.  Just over a month into this, not only has this eight year old stopped night-time incontinence, but after a month without speech therapy, speech has improved- markedly!  Obviously, we are ALL thriving!  

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