Oct 11, 2013

Adventures with Ahrens meets the chickens!

Pretty chicken

Eggs- duh, you totally knew that.  

My girl migit

Petting a chicken with some weird, floppy, red junk.  I think it was called a "waddle?"  I might have misheard that, but that was the weirdest thing.  The whole time I was thinking, "what does that do for them?"  I mean, everything is with us for a reason.  I hate to question G-d and his creation, but this was one of those times I just needed to know what the plan for that was.  

The fluffy footed chickens were my favorites.  

This was most of the homeschool group.  It was really fantastic to meet other homeschooler's in the area, and the differences between their personal styles of educating their families.  There was a mom that used a well known program, then a dad that uses a bunch of combined things, and a grandmother that teaches based on the individual strengths and needs of that child.  I am doing a combination of all of those, but I do it online, for the most part.  

Here we are being given a talk on how the family came to have 18 chickens, and how they care for them, a little about the chickens, as well as a time for question and answers.  I had way more questions than a 37 year old should have, but I managed to just ask the ones I thought might be most interesting to my migits.  I had looked up information on chickens and reviewed it with the children, yesterday.  I was impressed to learn that a chicken has one opening for both urine AND feces.  When it started talking about fertilizing the egg, it referred to it as "grinding together," I giggled, and I am pretty sure that is when I stopped reading and assumed that while I am overly comfortable talking about human sexuality, talking chicken grinding makes me want to gag a little.  

We started our day at 8: a.m., and then, it took about two and a half hours to eat breakfast, make a packed lunch, gather library books to return, and have a dance party, all before we left for our field trip.  Luckily, the field trip was only about 10 minutes from home, and we finished our dancing just in the knick of time ;o)  

Shay decided she wants to learn to ride a bike.  This child is soooo different than her brother.  In some aspects, she is way easier.  Then, there are these instances that remind me- nope- not the easiest.  See, she is way less confident with her gross motor skills than the older brother. The older brother doesn't feel pain like most people, so the threat of hurting himself was barely there when I taught him to ride a bike at five years old.  Here comes sister, and she is almost seven, and I have attempted to teach her to ride a bike three times now!  I gave up, and now, she WANTS to teach herself.  She will get it.  One day.  I do believe.  
PS  Public safety reminder.... If your child is riding something that has wheels on it- WEAR A HELMET! 

PS  Barbara and family- We could never properly thank you for opening your home to the Ahrens Academy, today.  We had a really wonderful time, and Shay has already told three people about how the sick chicken was found and covered by the rest of the chickens.  Funny what sticks with them, huh?  Your home is full of love and learning, and we look forward to seeing you guys again!  

We got home at 4: p.m. after the field trip, library, optometrist to have glasses fixed, Walmart, and to drop of something we borrow at a friend's house.  We ate dinner at 7: p.m., and it's now almost ten.  I am ready to crash, and do it all over again tomorrow!  I will mix in some school tomorrow- yes, a Saturday.  I wanted to get a little done today, but the day just sort of happened to be more interesting out than in, so we will manage to write the papers and hit some math facts before Shay has her acting class and then, the parent meeting for the new play she auditioned for this week.  She will be in "Madeline and the Gypsies," in the first week of December!  YEA FOR SHAY!  

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