Oct 4, 2013

Adventures with Ahrens is ready for Christmas.

Friday Family Fun Night, first Friday of October= decorate the house for Christmas!  We had a really great day of catch up on odds and ends in home school, then, a great two hour play date at a local park with a new friend we met at the play, and then, the fun kicked up a notch and we decorated whilst Christmas classics crooned in the backdrop.  (Whilst is a fancy word that I try to throw in when possible.) 
Made s'mores in the microwave for dessert.  On to decorating!   


Poor Brody...I think he is just as confused as the rest of us. 


Putting the new additions from the summer to use.... 

Made these tonight... I pieced the project together.  I can't show you the picture I chose for Charlie's craft.  You will need to come in person to see it.  All I can say is, that child will never be allowed to take pictures without my permission.  

It's dreidel time!

The festivus holiday table

I think tomorrow we will work on the upstairs decorating ;o)  

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