Oct 2, 2013

Ahrens Academy Shares the Afternoon

Here's the idea.  A tabletop biosphere.  

This is a basic tutorial, however, I have spent days researching.  This one seems more challenging than the three part one, and I think I will do a hybrid.  I might make it a two part similar experiment.  

Here is some of what we collected today at the grandparents' lake.  

These were snails that Geoff and I spent about half an hour collecting to later be informed that aquatic snails and garden snails are two different things.  Crud.  Mother-in-law knows best!  Grrr.  Now, realizing that I will be doing a hybrid, I sorta' wish I took a few home.  I was truly hoping to get the kids hands on some bugs and such today.  Neither was so into it, and I even gave a glove out for the water portion.  

Hubster spied this.  He thought it might be a snack.  Upon further investigation I learned that it was a fishing lure in the boat by the dock.  Funny.

It's October, but only one person was overly dressed.  It was low 80's in N. GA today.  

We might not have gotten all that we needed, but it was a good start and we got out for a few hours, together.  

Took the kids to a free (with membership) class to play some games and get some exercise with some children their age.  Here's Shay making a run for it.  

There goes Chazman!  I love that a few days a week they offer children's class so that they can enjoy their time in the childcare center while I work out.  Admittedly, I have been away a full month while we began home school and play rehearsals and gymnastics monopolized our time.  Back into the swing of things! I love our local YMCA!  

There is a home school P.E. that is offered, at a nominal fee, but it's not an option for us at this time.  Plus, both children are very active, and I make opportunities for them to get plenty of socialization.  

We spent a ton of time reading library books on freshwater ecosystems recently.  I have grown to love the library now more than ever!  Also, while I have moved to creating lessons based on our interests in science, I have found the Brainpop Jr. website to be invaluable for both science and social studies units.  I might find something there to learn and quiz on, then, delve deeper into the study, on our own.  We read at least one Magic Treehouse book per day, and because they are from the library, we are not going in order.  The library by our house doesn't carry it, so we have to drive about 5 miles in another direction to get them.  No big deal.  

I have set up a field trip for next Monday.  (It's my birthday! SHHHH.  Let's keep it a surprise.  Unless you have a gift for me.  In that case, you can tell.)  Told the kids I found a lunch date.  Chik-fil-a does backstage tours of their cook area. The manager suggested if I come, the mornings are best because the biscuit making part of the tour is a "can't miss."  I'm sure we will be excited.  Just to skip a lesson in the morning will be exciting.  I will have Shay write a report on it in her journal, and Chaz will be asked a bunch of questions after the ten to fifteen minute walk through.  Just looking for an out ;o)  Low cost field trips are hard to come by.  Got any ideas?  

Today was an all day event, and I am tired.  Hope to report on the process a tad more for our biosphere, as we progress.  I need another two liter bottle, and to run to the store for the snails and ghost shrimp.  I might even pick up a bundle of the water plant.  Bummed that I could not get that plant at the lake. 

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