Oct 10, 2013

Adventures with Ahrens is bored, and trying something out.

Migits are asleep, and Geoff is working out.  That leaves me with Facebook, and even that can only take me so far.  Mom went home tonight, and I have just the dog, and even he wanted to go to sleep early tonight.  So, I thought about this writing assignment I found on Pinterest today.  I am forever digging and searching for writing prompts and ways to spark Shay's imagination and help develop her budding writing skills.  This assignment, simply called, "The Box," came from a high school literature teacher's repertoire.  Apparently, this is a fav.  I am not so sure, so I took the basics and added a little extra to it, and here is what I came up with.  (If this goes well, I will set this assignment up for Shay, and Gd willing, Chaz will do this, one day.

1.  No questions asked.  Be creative with the directions.

2.  When told to add it- add it.  But again, it could be as vague as you want it to be.

First, you write about anything.  While writing, the teacher instructs the class to stop, and add a box to the story.  The box can be a TV, a cardboard box, a pizza box, any type of box that might fit into the next sentence.

After the box was added, you can then wait a few more minutes, and tell the students to stop and add a tree, a ball, a car, a fire, etc.  I have chosen to take a turn and add a die.  First, I wrote out some suggestions of things to add from a FB post tonight that made me laugh.  Then, I chose to write out six possible settings to use as a springboard for the beginning of the story.  I rolled my die, and landed on a public restroom.  So, here I go.... And after 3 sentences, I will then roll and whatever number I land on, I will add that to the fourth sentence.   Then, I will try to work another one or two in after another three or so sentences.

"Did you hear what the boss said about breaks?  I thought we weren't allowed to smoke on the property, and now, we can smoke in the break room?"

"Yeah, I heard that the surgeon general is considering relaxing those warnings, anyway.  I met him on Match.com, and he was really so nice.  I just wished he hadn't smoked SO much.  Seemed excessive, but might be that I don't smoke.  Or that I'm allergic to smoking.  The smoking wouldn't have seemed SO bad, if he hadn't been doing it in his Speedo bathing suit.  First, it was the middle of February, and Speedo's are not recommended for blind dates at the aquarium.  He swore that sometimes they let people swim with the fish, but I had to explain that was only for the employees to clean the tanks.  What a nut job.  After I said that, he exclaimed, "Touche'!" but I thought he yelled, "Tushy!" and it made my brain wrinkle.  Why do I always get stuck with the crazies?  He then told me about this one time, on a cruise ship when he saw a mermaid swimming in the pool on deck 4.  He told me how she was skinny dipping.  I figured there wasn't much else for her to do.  That's kinda' the whole allure to them, right?

(I haven't rolled the "chest compressions, however, I can see how it would fit right in at this point.)
I really enjoyed the writing.  I hope the migits do too!  (The prompts will be a little more first and second grade appropriate- promise.)

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