Oct 13, 2013

Adventures with Ahrens enjoys being His hands and feet.

The priest starts his homily on "time and talent."  This was a first time where I felt no obligation to commit to something, seeing as we were visiting this church.  No pressure.  In fact, I began thinking, I can probably tune this one out and finish making a mental lesson plan for the week of home school.  Actually, this priest captured me with a story, and then he would ramble on about time and talent opportunities, and then grab me back into the story that unfolded through out the course of the homily tonight.

Weirdest thing though... I paid attention enough to hear him say, "Don't come if you are so sure you can make a difference that you are full of yourself... If you are unsure and afraid you won't be able to serve, WE WANT YOU!  Serve humbly!  He doesn't call only those that are qualified.. he qualifies the called..."

A while ago, I got this urge to do something that I just knew I was unqualified to do.  In fact, I was so surprised that this thing kept gnawing away at me, morning and night, and people kept coming into my days that were involved in this activity, that I wondered, "What the heck?  Are you serious, Gd?"  (Does he joke with us?  I doubt it.)  First of all, you put professionals in my life to do this sort of job.  I'm not even properly educated to do it!  If I mess this job up, it will affect so many more lives than just my own.

Another thing stuck out from the homily.  "If a servant is unsure of themselves, they will surely rely on G-d, and when that happens, He takes over, and that person is working through the Holy Spirit."  Not a bad deal, huh?

Well, all that culminated for me today.  What the heck am I doing educating a child with special needs AND a gifted child?  I guess working through the Holy Spirit, a wing and a prayer... I was able to see my calling, and respond. I was not in the least bit dreamy about what homeschooling would mean for our family.   I just trusted that He would provide what I needed, and guess what?  He has, and in the greatest bounty that some days I feel like I am floating on a cup that has runneth over, and other days, I just feel watched out over as I figure out our next steps.

Serving is what our family does.  When we were in the public school system, our family spent long days helping with fundraising efforts, and early mornings, too.  When the children went to vacation bible school, I served- literally, I served snacks.  When we found a child safety program, we took the course, then offered to assist each session, even when we were out of our home due to mold, and in major renovations, we found a way to make it to serve children in this amazing program.  (Shout out to the radKids volunteers!)  Now, we are into plays, and while I was not able to serve last play in the way that our family throws ourselves into events, this play might spotlight our talents.  (However, I offered to help with sets, and truth is, I have not worked on sets since high school, therefore, this could get kinda' ugly before it's all done.)  I am not qualified, but He will qualify me, because I will seek His help.  

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