Nov 6, 2013

Ahrens Academy Does Continents, Oceans, and a Thanksgiving Craft

It's a Turkey!  Shocking, right?  I know, but I saw it on another blog and had to try.  (Thanks to for the quick and easy idea!)  This morning was a killer on us.  First, we had to review some work that was not passed yesterday.  Apparently, horizontal and vertical is a challenging concept.  Well, after reviewing that, we once again were stumped by the next step- parallel and perpendicular.  Ugh.  We just about lost our ever loving minds.  Here is how we finally left it- the two "L's" in parallel actually run parallel, and the two "R's" in perpendicular run perpendicular.  I don't know if it stuck, but at some point I think I also discovered that this second grader might have a touch of color blindness.  (Don't ask- it was a wonky sort of morning for him and me.  Poor kid.  Some days I feel better equipped.  Today, was not that day.)  I often think that a specific concept might not be the be all and end all if he doesn't actually get it now.  "We tried" was how I really left it.  One day, he will be given directions and someone will tell him that the street runs parallel to the other and he will curse the day that I didn't impart that knowledge with him properly.  Until that day, we keep calm and craft on!

After cutting a paper plate in half, have to to trace a smaller circle for the face head and cut it out.

Chaz made a funny face as he cut.  He didn't care for the first circle he cut out, so he asked to make a second turkey!  WHAT?  This from a kid who can't stand arts and crafts?  

Had to cut and twist and bed (correction- BEND.  NOT "bed" the pipe cleaner.  Eww.)  the pipe cleaners, then I hot glued those in place.  Kids did the rest.  

Top left is mine.  However, the one below it was my favorite.  The funky circle he cut gave it character.  It made me smile. Wiggly eyes are the best, right?  I think I would wiggly eye the heck out of the mundane objects in the house if I wasn't in fear that a psychologist would have me committed. Imagine wiggly eyed toilet paper when you sat down…  a remote control… a tennis ball… a fridge- those would have to be rather large to have the same effect ;o) 

Oh, right.  About that.  I had this piece of wood that I tried to wood glue in place after it started to pull out from the cabinet.  Didn't work.  Started to grab nails and hammer it in.  She asked to do it.  Sure!  And she did a FANTASTIC job!  (I had to start them, as there were no pre-drilled holes like she has had her Lowe's and Home Depot free project kits ;o) 

First time cracking nuts.  That was snack today.  Both kids loved the almonds.  

PS  On certain, okay, MOST days, we stay in pajamas ALL DAY!  Santa hat optional.  (The past two days he left the Santa hat for the Mario Bros. costume hat.)  Glad to see he is keeping with the season again.  

Yesterday was a study of the continents and oceans.  

Cover the names with Post-its and there you have an easy way for the kidlets to study on their own.  

On to countries and states today!

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