Nov 11, 2013

Ahrens Academy Does Art.

Art?  Meh.  It's not my forte'.  But, I saw it on Pinterest, and figured, "We will do this, call it art, and call it a day." And so, here is our lesson on perspective.  And to take up some time on a day when they did half their work the day before so that they could have some extra free time today.  So, we added an art lesson, and a short "Magic Schoolbus" video on planets to round off the science portion of the day.

The kidlets' projects look so much more realistic than mine.  

Charlie's 3-D Hand

Shay's 3-D Hand

Mine.  Not so 3-D.  Hmmmm…  Wonder why????  Oh well.  At least theirs' looks good.  

Basically, trace their hands, then, draw a horizontal line across until you get to the hand, then draw an arc over the hand part, then straight across to finish that line.  Repeat. Color and "ta-da!"  

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