Nov 16, 2013

I asked the migits to make a list and I checked it twice.

Each year, I work really hard to guide my children into thinking up the three gifts that their elf will prepare for them each Christmas.  Because we do not have television, and we don't have many play dates outside of our home, they have not been overly commercialized or exposed to the "latest and greatest" craze of the day.  I have succeeded in suggesting things I thought would be long lasting and creative play items, and so far, I have done fantastically well and within the $100 per child budget we have each year.  That is, until this year.  

I am stuck.  Which means, they are stuck.  This year, Shay said that she will leave it up to Shout, our elf, to surprise her.  Oy.  The elf isn't as good as she thinks.  Charlie has never known what he wants, and honestly, wants and needs for nothing.  So, I asked the children to make a list with about ten things that they might ask Shout to make them.  Shay helped Charlie with spelling, so she didn't have time to work on her own.  

This exercise was futile.  First, he only got three items on the list and then gave up.  Number one is already out.  He handed the list to me and said he knew that I would never have a puppy in the house, therefore, it was a wasted space.  Number two- a king bed.  Well, his room is the size of a closet, so I guess that is out as well.  Number three says "promise," however, he tells me it is a hippopotamus.  Well, I think we have been listening to the IHEARTRADIO too long, as I don't have enough mud to satisfy the needs of that particular animal.  Good thing his two front teeth have come in, or I bet we can all guess what he would have added as number four.  

My only thoughts were some private tutoring for a particular little boy that still writes his numbers backwards.  ;o/

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