Nov 8, 2013

Ahrens Academy does the solar system. (And we EAT- again!)

Science day.  I purchased this with the intent that we would make the world for our ongoing continents and oceans social studies theme I had this week, however, since today was actually dedicated to the solar system (Science Friday's), why not make that instead?

I am not a fan of the mess of sugar cookies, and generally, we only make them once a year, Christmas time.  (If you don't know, Christmas time runs from the first week of October through January.  Clearly, this does not prohibit cookie making for too long.)  

For this child's project, I placed the cookies in orbit.  Freakin' genius if you ask me.  Almost as genius as using an acronym to remember the order of the planets from the sun.  

My- Mercury (First and last letters also match.)
Very- Venus
Energetic- Earth
Mother- Mars
Just- Jupiter
Served- Saturn
Us- Uranus (the word us at the end)
Noodles- Neptune

Next week, we will delve deeper into learning more about each planet, individually, as well as other parts of space.
We worked off these pages that I had the migits color first, so that we would have a color representation  for each cookie when it came time to frosting them.  

I make my own frosting.  I use powdered sugar and water, and then, add food dye. At the end, I literally used every bit of frosting and had no waste.  That was super exciting for me.  

Colored!  Ready to frost.  

Ready to frost!



We put them on paper, and I helped them label them .

In the tin- waiting on dessert!

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