Jul 30, 2013

The blog in which it's a recipe for a sugar scrub.

At the end of last school year, Charlie's first grade teacher gave me a "thank you" gift for helping out in the class.  That seems silly to me- to get a gift as a thank you for serving my own children.  That's what Mother's Day is for!  Anyway, I have loved this gift and wanted to share it with you.  

The gift was a small, reusable container with a home made sugar scrub in it.  I used it judiciously.  I really wanted it to last.  Finally, I emailed the teacher and asked her for the ingredients, and then, searched different Pinterest recipes, and made my own concoction.  I found that I really loved the coconut oil smell and that is the base, along with plain white sugar, and then, I used grapeseed oil as well, since that is full of vitamin E, and better if I wanted to try to use it on my face.  For now, I use it only on my arms and legs.  I don't need lotion, and only use the scrub every few days.  

My mom, ever so practical, commented on how it must cause build up in the shower.  NOPE!  After each shower in our bathroom, Geoff and I spray the shower with my home made cleaner.  (40% Dawn, 40% white vinegar, 20% water)  I never scrub that shower.  Just leave that until the next shower, and then, it rinses down and never allows soap scum to accumulate.  Bathroom is always fresh smelling, too!  I also spray the toothbrush heads with that each week.  I clean the kitchen, bathrooms, and even parts of my vacuum out with it.  I spray door knobs with it, clean windows with it, etc.  I make up big batches and just refill the spray bottles with it.  

So, I bought some new plastic containers, and used 4 cups of white sugar, one cup of coconut oil, and one cup of grapeseed oil.  Coconut oil is a solid, so you have to put into the microwave for about 15 seconds.  It stays soft enough to use in the shower without concern.  If it solidifies, you can place it in the shower on the floor during your shower, and it will soften.  I have not had this issue, but read about it when I researched it.  I couldn't afford the essential oils, but you can add lavender, peppermint, etc.  I actually love the coconut smell.  I bet a little vanilla would smell good, but I really am happy with it, as is.  
Top picture- The gift I was given. 
Bottom picture- The entire kit I used to put it together.  I took the partial one and put into the shower.  The other two are in the fridge.  Might make a nice little "appreciation" gift for someone in need of soft, subtle skin ;o)  I have more than half the bottle of grapeseed oil left, and at least a half, if not more, of the coconut oil.  I bought it all at Kroger.  I think each batch cost about $3-$5.  I am totally guessing, but it cost about $17 for the ingredients (both oils), and the three pack of containers was $1.99.  Then, the sugar was next to nothing.  Adding it all up, and then dividing up by the total of batches that can be made????  

*Starr- you don't need to sandpaper my elbows anymore.  (I swear, she took a nail file to my elbows one time.  That's what friends are for.)  

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