Jul 29, 2013

The blog in which I implore you to monitor your children's computer usage. (Funny)

Alright fellow mommy's... gather round!  It's time for another edition of "Doesn't she seem like the perfect mother and yet behind her back her migits make her look like a moron?"  I'm certain this is not the first in this series, and no doubt, it won't be the last.

First, let me make this abundantly clear.  I do not think I have my stuff together 100% of the time.  In fact, I aim for 50/50.  I don't always reach my target, but if I didn't screw up a little, there would be nothing to talk to their therapist about in years to come.  Naturally, parenting comes harder for me since I am a control freak, and parenting, the good kind anyway, is about not controlling, but allowing children to learn and grow in an environment that allows them to have natural cause and effect to build upon.  However, my migits aren't blessed with that.  They have a black and white up bringing, and one day, they will have a lot to discuss with a therapist.  For now, I do my best.

So, I have been a hover style parent to this point, and now, I am allowing both children to experience and do things I never thought I would.  I allow them to play on their own Macbooks, in their own room.  The catch?  They can not access the internet without me pulling it up from hiding.  Then, they can only go onto websites that I have bookmarked.  Luckily, they are all educational, and neither child is super computer literate, and the oldest doesn't even really know how to read.  Therefore, it is rather safe.  However, I witnessed my son and his recent play date using the computer to take pictures and videos.  Then, I decided to check on the pictures they took.  There are special effects that can be applied fairly easily, and they seemed to have mastered them.  Chaz will be eight years old in September.  While I worry that his love of all things girlie would hinder his play date, I see that he must have found a few straggling testosterone bits.  See for yourself....

Yes, he really did this on his own.  A collage, of him being "FAB-I-LOUS!"   
Yup.  Another that he figured out by bending his leg and then using the "mirror" effect.  Charming.  I am so proud.   

And another.  And honestly, their were more.  Way more.

Moral of the story?  Don't ever take my parenting advice.  I mean- EVER.

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